Three Summer Teambuilding Exercises for a Medical Staff

June 20th, 2016

Developing teamwork at the office plays a big role in optimizing your operational efficiency. This is especially important in the healthcare industry where patient care is the prime directive. Trying to keep a group of disparate personalities focused on a common goal can be difficult at times.

Summertime gives managers the chance to leverage the good weather for a variety of teambuilding exercises. With a smooth running medical office staff in mind, here are three activities to help your employees truly become a team.

Spend a Day Outdoors doing Activities requiring Teamwork

The summer season allows for a variety of outdoor tasks sure to help build camaraderie amongst your staff. If a body of water is convenient to your office, a lesson in operating a sailboat is one example of a fun activity requiring everyone to work together. Simply spending some time in the woods on a hiking trip lets everyone get a chance to recharge in a natural setting.

A variety of corporate or business retreats typically offers more formal team building exercises suitable for a medical office staff. Research any options nearby to see if something makes sense for your team. At the minimum, a picnic with everyone’s families is something simple to generate goodwill between your team members.

A Volunteer Outing is a Great Idea

A group outing spent volunteering at a local soup kitchen or even Habitat for Humanity is worthy of consideration. Empathy is vital in the medical industry, and an exercise like this develops teamwork while also helping individual employees build their empathic character. A little extra publicity for your medical office never hurts as well.

Professional Development Seminars and Motivational Speakers

Holding a professional development seminar for your medical office staff makes sense at any time of the year, and summertime is no exception. Scheduling a motivational speaker specializing in building teamwork is another great idea. Consider hosting the speaker at an outdoor event in a local park to combine team building with a day spent in nature.

Holding teambuilding exercises based on any one (or even all three!) of these suggestions will help get your staff working together better than ever before. Don’t let the summer pass without giving these ideas a shot!

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