Looking for a Job? Interview your Interviewer!

July 31st, 2014

The dreaded job interview is a necessary part of the employment process but did you ever stop to think about how the interviewer feels? They are in charge of the interaction and if they don’t do a good job, you may have the wrong impression of the company or they may not be able to correctly interpret your skills and hire the wrong person. Your interviewer has a great deal of stress on their shoulders but there are some ways you can help the interview be a positive experience. Even if you aren’t given an offer from that company, utilize the interaction as a way to learn and grow. Here are some quick things to remember when you’re in an interview so you are memorable:

  1. Try to be calm. Your interviewer will be a little nervous, just as you are. Some people are naturally more at ease in situations but others while others can be nervous about even the slightest interaction. When you are centered and calm, the interviewers can be as well.
  2. Know the answers. You should know how to answer the standard interview questions but also have intelligent ones to ask in return. Keep your answers succinct so you make a point and don’t sound like a robot but don’t ramble.
  3. Engage the interviewer. You may feel intimidated by the other person and that is normal but if you prepare ahead of time, you’ll be able to go on adrenaline. Practice some questions you’d like to ask and then consider their responses. Be prepared for a variety of responses and even consider follow-up questions. You have every right to interview your interviewer to some extent.
  4. Brush up on current events. You will undoubtedly make some small talk when you arrive, walk to the meeting room, or even during the beginning phase of the interview. Watch the news that day or at least that week so you have some neutral topics to discuss to calm your nerves and the interviewer’s nerves. Stay away from hot button items and controversial topics.
  5. Don’t be boring. While it is a broad statement, boring rarely gets the job. The interviewer wants to see someone who has confidence as well as the ability to converse. Social skills are part of the interview process and the interviewer should feel as though you are someone they would personally want to work with on a daily basis.
  6. Ask appropriate questions. If they have memorabilia on the walls and pictures on their walls, it is something they want to be noticed so you can ask questions about it. Stay focused on the company and the role but taking a small detour to enjoy life is one way you can stand out.

Not every interview will go as planned. Some interviewers will be strictly professional  with no small talk or stories to get through while others will take you on a tour of their lives so just be prepared for any type of personality to be behind that desk. Every interview is a chance for you to hone your skills and vocalizing your talents and skills so keep that in mind if you don’t hear back from an interview.

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