Why It’s Okay To Quit A Job You Just Don’t Love Anymore

January 26th, 2016

Job turnover exists in nearly all industries, and the world of healthcare is not an exception to this rule. Whatever your reasons — too much stress, burnout, or simply the fact that you don’t love your job anymore — it is acceptable to quit a job. You probably need to make sure a new position awaits you, unless you want to relax for a few weeks before starting to look for something new.

With keeping your career on the right track in mind, here are some reasons why it is OK to leave a job you don’t love anymore.

You’ve Become Stuck in Your Current Position

If you are interested in a career path with gradually increasing responsibilities, sometimes you may feel blocked in your current role. You want to move into something with more managerial responsibilities, and your current office doesn’t really offer a chance to be promoted. At this point, it becomes understandable if you grow to not love your job.

Make it a point to start putting feelers out in the local healthcare scene before deciding whether or not to quit. It helps to have a new position benefiting your skills and experience before leaving your current job.

Family Life Takes Precedence

When your professional career begins adversely impacting your personal life — or vice versa — you need to pause and take stock of what truly matters to you. Finding a position in the medical industry that rewards you both financially and as a person should be your goal. When family life is an important part of what makes you a person, consider finding a company that fosters a proper work/life balance.

A Toxic Work Environment is Bad for Your Health

The medical industry is generally stressful — it comes with the territory. But work environments that are especially toxic, maybe due to coworker issues or an evil boss, can cause harm to your health. Don’t feel bad if you need to look for employment elsewhere, as managing stress sometimes trumps all other considerations.

Partner with an Experienced Medical Staffing Agency

Maintaining a relationship with an experienced medical staffing agency helps make the decision to quit your job an easier task. A knowledgeable recruiter can offer insight into the job scene in your area and help you judge the best time to make your move. When you don’t love your current job anymore, you needn’t feel alone in your decision.

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Preparing for 2016 Success — Is it Time to Grow your Workforce?

January 19th, 2016

With the New Year now upon us, is your company ready to face the challenges of the upcoming twelve months? If your healthcare organization is expecting success in 2016, you’d better make sure your company’s staffing is sufficient to meet its needs for the next year and beyond. Planning needs to happen soon to ensure your firm isn’t understaffed (or overstaffed) at an inopportune time.

Quality patient care and an efficient operation are your two essential goals. With that in mind, here are some tips to ensure your medical company is staffed properly to ensure success in 2016.

Planning is Vital to Ensure a Properly Staffed Office

Your managerial team already needs to be engaged in 2016 planning. The results of this analysis plays a large role in determining your staffing needs for the upcoming year. Get input from both your human resources personnel as well as each line manager.

An overstaffed organization runs the risk of becoming unprofitable; if you are understaffed, your current team becomes stressed from too much work and patient care ultimately suffers. Right-sizing your staff needs to be your ultimate goal. Be sure that enough planning goes into any decision to grow your workforce.

Temporary Staffing Offers Your Company Flexibility

Consider leveraging temporary employees to give your firm staffing flexibility during 2016. This strategy allows you the means to staff up and down as necessary, avoiding any problems that arise due to your office being over or understaffed. A temporary contract also gives you the chance to try out a candidate before potentially extending them a permanent job offer.

Additionally, a temporary worker also provides a chance to close a skills gap at your medical office. If your staff needs exposure to a new technique or the latest healthcare technology, bringing in someone with that skill on a temporary basis helps to raise the overall skill level of your team.

Don’t Wait to Recruit Nursing Talent

With a nursing shortage predicted to continue in 2016, demand for the top talent remains strong. If you ultimately decide to hire new nurses, start the recruiting process as soon as possible to ensure your organization gets the best shot at a talented new hire. Don’t expect nurses with great ability to remain on the sidelines for long.

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Four Motivational Quotes to Help You Refocus Your Efforts for 2016

January 12th, 2016

Welcome to 2016! With the New Year upon us, it becomes time to focus on improving your overall productivity over the next 12 months. Early January provides a great opportunity to take stock of where you stand in your healthcare industry career, and how to keep things on an upwards track.

With a successful 2016 in mind — both professionally and personally — here are four motivational quotes to help ensure you properly focus your efforts both this year and beyond. Let’s check them out!

Ralph Waldo Emerson wants you to look within Yourself

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

You need to truly look within yourself to find the focus you’ll need to improve your daily job performance. In addition to improving your focus, channeling your inner peace allows you to develop the empathy that is vital for anyone working in the healthcare industry. Keep referring to Emerson’s quote throughout the year whenever you need a reminder to look within.

Always give your Best no matter the Size of the Task

Don’t be afraid to give your best to what seemingly are small jobs. Every time you conquer one it makes you that much stronger. If you do the little jobs well, the big ones will tend to take care of themselves. – Dale Carnegie

Make sure to give your best efforts everyday at work, whether you are assisting on a big project or dealing with comparatively mundane tasks. As Carnegie notes, a succession of smaller triumphs makes completing the larger efforts an easier process. Management will definitely take note of your growing success rate!

Don’t Let Job Difficulties hamper your Efforts

In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity. – Albert Einstein

Sometimes the most difficult projects are the ones giving you the best opportunity to shine. No matter how frustrating things get, always keep a positive attitude while focusing on the successful completion of the task. Your efforts won’t be for naught.

Failure gives you the Chance to Rise Again

Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising every time we fall. – Confucius

When failure happens on the job, don’t allow it to bring you down. In many cases, professionals are judged by how they bounce back from adversity. Brush yourself off and get back into the fray.

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Are Your Exit Interviews Thorough Enough?

January 5th, 2016

The exit interview sometimes gets overlooked when it comes to analyzing your organization’s corporate culture, employee retention, and, ultimately, your operational efficiency. The opportunity to find out the reasons behind any employee’s desire to work somewhere else offers insight into your policies and procedures. Was it merely a case of a disgruntled worker wanting out, or do you need improve some things at your office?

With an eye towards building — and retaining — a top notch medical office staff, here is a closer look at improving your organization’s exit interviews.

Make Sure the Employee’s Manager does NOT conduct the Interview

To truly receive valuable feedback from your departing employee, it is vital to have someone else other than their direct manager conduct the exit interview. Consider using a member your human resources team for this task. If no one is available, someone from another department will have to suffice.

The relationship between supervisor and employee is too close for a meaningful exit interview. An outsider’s perspective is necessary.

Verbal Exit Interviews are Better than Paper or Online

Spend the extra resources to ensure exit interviews are conducted in person, on a one-to-one basis. This allows the interviewer to probe more deeply into an employee’s reason for leaving. Follow-up questions and interaction between both parties lead to a more rewarding and useful result for your company.

Emphasize the Confidential Nature of the Exit Interview

The employee in question needs to fully understand the purpose of an exit interview, as well as its confidentiality. They need to feel comfortable enough to answer the questions honestly and in sufficient detail. Reassure them that no attempts to get them to reconsider their decision are forthcoming.

Have the Employee summarize their Experience with your Company First

As the first step during an exit interview, have the employee provide a summary of their experience with your organization. This helps to trigger additional questions providing the meaningful information that offers the most value for the company. Additionally, you may receive answers to questions to be asked later, helping to save time for the most important topics.

While your organization doesn’t want its best employees to leave for another company, proper use of the exit interview hopefully helps to change the office culture — if necessary — to prevent further departures.

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