How to Successfully Manage your Healthcare Team

October 29th, 2014

To keep a healthcare team operating efficiently and proactively, quality management is vital. A great manager combines the best qualities of a coach, psychologist, and traffic cop. The healthcare industry brings its own unique management issues, but many of the same principles suitable for other industries also apply.

Many books have been written on how to successfully manage your workers, so trying to fit all that knowledge into a blog post is an impossible task. Even so, here are some great ideas to make managing your healthcare team a success.

An Open, Collaborative Management Style works Great

Leveraging an open management style helps to foster collaboration amongst your team members. The world of IT is home to the Agile management principle which allows teams to accomplish more by relying on strong teamwork. These concepts definitely apply to the world of healthcare and warrant further exploration.

Your team members need to understand that their opinions are valued and that their input is desired. You give them positive and constructive feedback, while they do the same to you. Everyone needs to feel they are a valued member of something larger.

Display Empathy, Expect Empathy

If your healthcare team is directly responsible for patient care, displaying an empathic nature is a must. As a manager, you need to lead the way by showing empathy to your own workers. Leading by example is a major aspect that separates the best managers from those who just hold the title.

Research the Latest in Healthcare Management Techniques

One’s education never ends, and that tenet especially applies to the healthcare manager. It is important to make the effort to consistently learn new management principles and techniques. Additionally, consider acquiring an advanced degree if you don’t already hold one, as it helps your career path in addition to improving your own management abilities.

If you need additional input on building and managing your healthcare staff, talk to the knowledgeable people at Pinnacle Workforce. As one of the top medical staffing agencies in the United States, we can help you develop a top notch healthcare team. Schedule a meeting with Pinnacle today!


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Empathy is Critical in the Medical Industry. Does your Staff show It?

October 24th, 2014

Sure, professional experience and technical ability are important attributes for your employees to have in the medical industry, but what about empathy? Providing quality healthcare is a prime directive for most companies in the medical field, and employing empathic workers is a key aspect of your organization fostering the right patient care.

But how do you quantify empathy? Is it something that can be learned by offering professional training to your staff? Here are some ideas for ensuring your employees display the caring attitude necessary to thrive in the medical industry.

Empathy Assessments Remain Difficult.

Assessing the empathy of your employees remains a difficult proposition, as it isn’t something that is easily tested. The skill generally relates to a person’s emotional intelligence and social awareness. It’s especially important, since medical employees need to establish a connection with patients when placed in a direct patient care role.

Training Your Employees to be Empathic.

Displaying empathy to your employees on a daily basis is a great way to set a positive example. Additionally, your organization can explore a variety of training programs to instill those same values in your staff. If you don’t already employ someone well-versed in empathy training, bring in an outside consultant to conduct a training session.

Your employees should learn how to effectively use communication and body language to connect with those under their care. They need to be able to understand and relate to the wide variety of situations typically found in healthcare. A positive, caring attitude definitely helps to foster the kind of empathy that will earn your staff accolades.

If you do bring an outside consultant to train your staff in empathy, have them modify your own training programs so future employees can access the same material. Moving forward, your employees will display the right kind of empathy necessary for success in the medical industry.

If your organization needs additional input on creating an empathic staff, talk to the experts at Pinnacle Workforce. As one of the top medical staffing agencies in the country, we offer the business insight to ensure your organization’s ultimate success. Schedule a meeting with us today!


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Keep Learning! Your Career depends on your Certification Growth

October 17th, 2014

Any professional’s education doesn’t stop on the day they earn a degree or diploma, and the medical industry is no exception. A successful career means a lifetime of on the job learning supplanted by classroom education. For a medical professional, this could take the form of an advanced degree or acquiring any number of available certifications.

Frankly, your career growth in the world of medicine becomes supercharged when you make the effort to learn any professional certifications related to your line of work. Let’s take a closer look how.

Medical Certifications help your Earning Potential

If you feel stuck in your current position, with little room to grow financially or professionally, check into earning any certifications for your current job. Smart employers offer tuition reimbursement for any classes needed to help you study for the certification test. You should also check out any online or book resources to help you learn the material you expect to be on the test.

Once your certification is earned, make it a point to check into the possibility of a raise or an increase in job responsibility relevant to your new certification. If your employer isn’t willing — or didn’t even offer you tuition reimbursement — the time is ripe to look for a new position. Many employers appreciate employees who take the initiative to earn professional certifications, and they look great on a résumé.

Research the Professional Certifications relevant to your Medical Career

It is important to do the upfront research on any professional certifications relevant to career. A host of certifications exist for a wide range of medical professions, including medical transcription, medical coding, medical assistant, and much more. Your local recruiter is also a great source of advice on what certifications will help your career grow the fastest.

If you need any additional input on what medical certifications would look great on your résumé, talk to the industry experts at Pinnacle Workforce. As one of the nation’s leading medical staffing agencies, we employ recruiters with the right business insights to ensure you enjoy a successful and rewarding career. Make it a point to talk with our team of recruiters today!

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Three Reasons to stay in Contact with your Medical Recruiter (after you’ve landed the Job!)

October 10th, 2014

Congratulations on landing that great job in the medical industry. Your hard work in crafting a winning résumé as well as your exemplary interview performance helped to show off your professional experience and accomplishments. Chances are you earned that position over potentially a hundred other qualified candidates.

But one person not to forget is your medical recruiter. They definitely played their role when first presenting you to your new employer. Maybe their insight into the company helped you ask a meaningful question or two during the interview?

Here are three reasons to stay in contact with your medical recruiter after starting your new job.

It’s Just a New Job, not a Full Career

Not to summon bad tidings, but you never know how long your new organization will be in business. Remember this is a job, not your full career, so you don’t know when you’ll again need the assistance of a recruiter. Developing a rewarding partnership with a medical recruiter helps ensure your career stays on the right path.

Recruiters understand their Industry

The best recruiters fully understand the subtleties of their industry, and those working in the world of medicine are no different. If you remain in regular contact with your recruiter, they are able to inform you of the hottest new technologies and treatment methodologies — things you need to be aware of for a full, rewarding career.

Recruiters have their Finger on the Pulse of your Local Region

The medical industry changes rapidly. Companies acquire other companies which may acquire the hospital you work at; let alone any changes due to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. An in-the-know medical recruiter is invaluable when informing you of any changes that may affect your current position.

In short, partnering with a top notch medical recruiter is the smart thing for a healthy career!

If you are searching for that leading medical recruiter to partner with, then look no further than Pinnacle Workforce. As one of the top medical staffing agencies in the country, we employ recruiters with the proper industry insight to ensure your career remains on the right path. Be sure to schedule a meeting with us today!


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