Three Reasons to stay in Contact with your Medical Recruiter (after you’ve landed the Job!)

October 10th, 2014

Congratulations on landing that great job in the medical industry. Your hard work in crafting a winning résumé as well as your exemplary interview performance helped to show off your professional experience and accomplishments. Chances are you earned that position over potentially a hundred other qualified candidates.

But one person not to forget is your medical recruiter. They definitely played their role when first presenting you to your new employer. Maybe their insight into the company helped you ask a meaningful question or two during the interview?

Here are three reasons to stay in contact with your medical recruiter after starting your new job.

It’s Just a New Job, not a Full Career

Not to summon bad tidings, but you never know how long your new organization will be in business. Remember this is a job, not your full career, so you don’t know when you’ll again need the assistance of a recruiter. Developing a rewarding partnership with a medical recruiter helps ensure your career stays on the right path.

Recruiters understand their Industry

The best recruiters fully understand the subtleties of their industry, and those working in the world of medicine are no different. If you remain in regular contact with your recruiter, they are able to inform you of the hottest new technologies and treatment methodologies — things you need to be aware of for a full, rewarding career.

Recruiters have their Finger on the Pulse of your Local Region

The medical industry changes rapidly. Companies acquire other companies which may acquire the hospital you work at; let alone any changes due to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. An in-the-know medical recruiter is invaluable when informing you of any changes that may affect your current position.

In short, partnering with a top notch medical recruiter is the smart thing for a healthy career!

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