Navigating the Water Cooler — a Look into Office Politics

November 25th, 2014

The ideal organization is one where everyone is on the same team, working together to achieve a company’s short-term and long-term goals in an efficient manner. Unfortunately, not all organizations are ideal. Office politics and hidden agendas sometime hamper operational efficiency and adversely affect the company’s bottom line. Don’t think that the healthcare industry is immune from this issue.

You needn’t let office personality issues impact your job performance or the operation of the company as a whole. What follows is a closer look at navigating the water cooler and succeeding at work by using office politics to benefit both you and your employer.

Always remember what the philosopher Plato said: “One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.”

Finding Out the Influential at your Workplace

Sometimes analyzing who’s the most influential at your company doesn’t necessary follow an organizational chart. At your organization, it is vital to find out who are known for mentoring others; who are considered to be your firm’s intellectual leaders, and who are looking out for their own interests at the expense of the company’s.

Your ultimate success depends on building good relationships with everyone at your company, without becoming too attached to a clique or one group to the detriment of another. Be sure to listen closely when hanging out with your co-workers, instead of saying something gossipy that might harm any future prospects for additional responsibility.

Always remain Positive

Remaining positive while navigating the world of office politics is a great way to ensure you don’t get bit in the end. Stay above the fray; focus on performing above expectations, and learn how to use your growing influence wisely. Remember that honesty and integrity always serve you better than otherwise.

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Your Healthcare Staff can use a Team Building Day, Trust Us

November 19th, 2014

The stressful environment of healthcare leaves many of your workers on the edge. Overstressed employees lead to inefficiency, or worse yet, dysfunction and poor performance — issues that can adversely impact patient care. With more at risk from worker tension than simply your organization’s bottom line, it is time to take steps to rectify the situation.

Taking a day for team building is a perfect way to improve morale, lessen employee stress, and ultimately foster team loyalty. Blowing off some steam out of the office is one of the “costs” of doing business, and it can be fun. Here’s how.

There are Many Options for Fun and Meaningful Team Building Days

The need for team building goes far beyond the healthcare industry, as a veritable cottage industry has arisen around the practice. Thankfully, this leaves you with many options to choose from when deciding on a theme for your team building exercise. Of course, not all options may be available in your local region.

Many of the companies that provide team building activities to businesses — including those in healthcare — design them to be both fun and to foster teamwork. While it is important to allow your workers to blow off some steam, a little foresight in choosing an appropriate activity can also positively affect your team’s performance when back in the office.

If your daily office work is too important to forego, many team building activity providers also offer half-day and evening activities. These activities run the gamut from treasure hunts to making a music video to simply a day out on the golf links — all with a focus on building effective teams that also thrive in your healthcare office.

Remember that a dysfunctional team brings the potential of adverse impacts to patient care and ultimately your organization’s reputation and bottom line. Consider a fun team building day to develop a top notch office staff.

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Personal Growth and Development are Essential for Long Term Success — Here’s Why

November 14th, 2014

Getting your first job after school doesn’t mean your education ends. Personal growth and development are essential requirements throughout your career, especially in the medical industry where new technologies get introduced on a yearly basis.

If you want a personally rewarding and financially lucrative career, continuing your education is a must — both on the job and in the classroom. Let’s take a closer work at why professional development is an essential part of career success.

An Advanced Degree puts you on the Fast Track to Management

If you hope to move into management at some point in your career, earning an advanced degree definitely helps your prospects. If hospital administration is your ultimate goal, consider acquiring a MBA. The best employers offer tuition reimbursement to support the professional development of their employees, so take advantage of this perk if it is available to you.

Nurses need to consider following a development path from LPN to RN to potentially earning a Masters degree in Nursing. There are many Masters degree programs suitable for nursing, so do some research and express your interest in acquiring a degree to your managers at work.

On the Job Professional Development is a Must in the Medical Industry

With all the new technologies regularly introduced in the medical world, it is important to embrace these new concepts or risk being left behind in your career. The increased use of electronic medical records also offers many opportunities to learn new software and equipment.

Displaying a flair for new technology helps you to get noticed by your bosses. If you pick things up quickly, consider stepping up to the plate to train or tutor your co-workers. Showing leadership in this manner is another bonus for your career prospects.

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How will you improve your Organization in 2015?

November 7th, 2014

2014 is almost finished, and the holiday season is approaching, that means it is time to take stock of your company as it gets ready to transition into 2015. Continuous improvement is the ultimate goal of many organizations, but achieving it takes both planning foresight and determined execution of the plan.

Improving your overall operational efficiency in 2015 is an easier goal to achieve. It’s also a good first step on the path to continuous improvement. Let’s take a closer look at how.

Upgrade your Technology — Hardware and Software

Improving the technology your organization uses is a great way to make your daily operations more efficient and potentially save money. Consider leveraging a Cloud-based solution that allows your workers to focus more on your core business compared to having to deal with on-site servers and networking equipment. Expect that your competitors are also in the process of implementing Cloud technology and enjoying the cost savings benefits as a result.

Also remember that you stand a better shot of retaining your best employees if they get the chance to work on the latest technology and software.

Implement an Employee Retention Plan

Losing your top workers is a great way to ensure your organization won’t improve in 2015 and beyond. Employee retention is a key factor in the success of the best companies.

Take steps to improve compensation and benefits; implement the latest technology as mentioned earlier, and make sure your top performers are rewarded with the added responsibilities commensurate with their worth.

Partner with a Local Medical Staffing Agency

Choosing a local staffing agency as a partner helps your organization in many ways. They provide the right insight to ensure your employee hiring and retention plans are top notch. They also offer keen analysis about competition in your local region and throughout the country.

Pinnacle Workforce is a great choice as a staffing partner in the medical industry. As one of the leading medical staffing agencies in the country, Pinnacle offers your organization both the business insight and vetted, qualified candidates to ensure your company’s success in 2015. Schedule some time with Pinnacle today!

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