Three Must-haves in the Modern Employee

February 27th, 2015

As the Millennial generation begins to make up more of today’s workforce, their influence affects how companies conduct their business, within the healthcare industry and elsewhere. Finding great workers is arguably the most important aspect in any company’s overall success. Thus the challenge still remains for the modern hiring manager — what are the most desired qualities of today’s employee?

What follows is a look at three must-have attributes in the modern employee.

Technology Must be Second Nature for Today’s Worker

Today’s employee needs to be completely comfortable when working with technology. Desktop computers, laptop computers, tablets, and smartphones, as well as the applications and apps that power them, should all be second nature. The top companies leverage Cloud-based service platforms and mobile technology to gain a competitive advantage, especially those in the ever changing medical world. The best workers — those who are technically adept — thrive in this always-connected environment.

The Modern Worker Expects Change and Embraces It

Sometimes it seems like the pace of change in the world is only increasing. The best employees in today’s age are the ones who don’t merely roll with the changes. Instead, these top notch modern workers accept and embrace change, no matter if it involves technology, day-to-day business operations, or even the macro changes affecting society as a whole.

If you require flexibility from your staff, these are the kinds of workers that have no problems leveraging new ideas and paradigms to support the needs of the organization.

Understands the Importance of Teamwork

In the information technology world, the Agile and DevOps movements place a strong emphasis on teamwork and communication. Embracing these philosophies also benefit companies in other industry sectors, especially in healthcare. Today’s top talent understands that, while their own abilities and opinions do matter, working on a winning team allows everyone to accomplish more together than what was ever possible independently.

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Are First Impressions Hurting Your Employment Chances?

February 20th, 2015

Of course, the interview is the most important contributor to your ultimate success during a job search. If you haven’t had much luck with your efforts, are the first impressions you give interviewers hampering your shot at a great job? Don’t fret if this is the case, chances are good that any problems are correctable.

Here are some techniques for making a better first impression on a job interview.

You Must Dress for Success!

Sure, it sounds a bit like a cliché, but you absolutely need to dress professionally during an interview. Don’t assume that business casual means “professional” when it comes to your first meeting with a potential employer. A suit and tie are a must for men, while a nice blouse with either a skirt or dress pants are a requirement for women.

Don’t Skimp on the Hygiene

Additionally, make sure your hygiene is exemplary. Men need to be well shaven, with any facial hair nicely trimmed, and everyone needs to spend extra effort on their hair and fingernails. Don’t go overboard with cologne or perfume, though.

A Firm Handshake and a Clear Look in the Eye

When walking into an interview, be sure to extend your hand first for a firm handshake, while making eye contact with the interviewer. While you may be nervous, this moment is your first impression. You need to get this part right!

Good Sitting Posture is a Must

Before the interview, take some time to practice your sitting posture. Seriously. Any subconscious slouching or other examples of bad posture can leave a poor impression on the interviewer.

Thank the Interviewer for the Opportunity

When the interview concludes, be sure to thank the interviewer for the opportunity. This is another time for a firm handshake and strong eye contact. Mention that you are available for follow up questions and that you look forward to the next steps in the hiring process.

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Leading a Medical Team that Commits to Excellence

February 13th, 2015

More than almost any other business sector, the medical industry demands excellence. When the public’s health is at question, nothing less than exemplary performance is expected. Developing and leading a top notch medical team should be the goal of any manager in the industry.

Let’s look more closely at building a medical team that commits to excellence.

Start with Well-Educated Workers with Proven Professional Competence

When adding workers to your medical team, focus on those candidates with a top notch educational performance that offer a work record displaying a consistently high level of professional conduct with progressively increasing responsibilities. Sure, employees can develop superior abilities when on the job, but in the medical industry, it’s best to start with proven workers when building a superior team.

Consistent Clear Communication of Responsibilities and Current Status

The Agile and DevOps movements in Information Technology rely on nearly constant communication and collaboration which builds superior teamwork. The success of these team-building innovations can definitely translate to the medical industry. Clear communication of responsibilities and regular meetings to ensure everyone remains on the same page definitely benefits a team’s overall excellence.

Demand (and reward) Accountability and Personal Accomplishment

It is vital for you to demand accountability from your medical team. Professional responsibilities must be met with a consistently high level of performance. Rewarding those team members that always provide top notch service to patients as well as the others on their team is a great way to keep everyone’s performance level as high as possible.

Encourage your team members to earn additional professional certifications and advanced degrees related to the medical profession. Offer tuition reimbursement to incent their educational efforts and reward them for successfully completing their studies. This is a great way to continue developing an excellent medical team.

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How to Prepare for an Interview that Could Lead to a Promotion

February 6th, 2015

Sure, job interviews are an important part of anyone’s career, but what if you are going after a position that gives you a big promotion? Approaching things differently in this case is probably wise for your overall prospects. You’ll need to step up your game and put forth more effort when you are prepping for the interview even when it is for an internal promotion at your company.

Here are a few strategies for ensuring you are ready for what may be the interview of a lifetime.

Research all aspects of the new position

Even though you are already familiar with how your company operates, and your executive team is hopefully familiar with you, making the effort to research the requirements of this new position is a must. Additionally, try to remember how the previous person in that role interacted with their staff. Make mental notes as who were the top performers on that team as well as any troublemakers.

Don’t forget to inform your current boss about the interview

Even though your boss may already know that you are up for a promotion, it is a good professional practice to inform that about your efforts. Ask for their advice and any other input they might have about the position. This may help you come interview time.

Don’t slack off on your current role

You need to still focus on your current role. Now is not the time to slack off while spending too much time dreaming about your potential promotion. Assume that your superiors are paying closer attention to your performance.

Stay professional during the interview

It is important to present a professional air during the actual interview, especially if you are familiar with the interviewer. Don’t assume that the position is already yours. Overconfidence can be the death knell for your promotion chances. Answer all questions clearly, and ask some meaningful ones of your own.

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