Are First Impressions Hurting Your Employment Chances?

February 20th, 2015

Of course, the interview is the most important contributor to your ultimate success during a job search. If you haven’t had much luck with your efforts, are the first impressions you give interviewers hampering your shot at a great job? Don’t fret if this is the case, chances are good that any problems are correctable.

Here are some techniques for making a better first impression on a job interview.

You Must Dress for Success!

Sure, it sounds a bit like a cliché, but you absolutely need to dress professionally during an interview. Don’t assume that business casual means “professional” when it comes to your first meeting with a potential employer. A suit and tie are a must for men, while a nice blouse with either a skirt or dress pants are a requirement for women.

Don’t Skimp on the Hygiene

Additionally, make sure your hygiene is exemplary. Men need to be well shaven, with any facial hair nicely trimmed, and everyone needs to spend extra effort on their hair and fingernails. Don’t go overboard with cologne or perfume, though.

A Firm Handshake and a Clear Look in the Eye

When walking into an interview, be sure to extend your hand first for a firm handshake, while making eye contact with the interviewer. While you may be nervous, this moment is your first impression. You need to get this part right!

Good Sitting Posture is a Must

Before the interview, take some time to practice your sitting posture. Seriously. Any subconscious slouching or other examples of bad posture can leave a poor impression on the interviewer.

Thank the Interviewer for the Opportunity

When the interview concludes, be sure to thank the interviewer for the opportunity. This is another time for a firm handshake and strong eye contact. Mention that you are available for follow up questions and that you look forward to the next steps in the hiring process.

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