Three Must-haves in the Modern Employee

February 27th, 2015

As the Millennial generation begins to make up more of today’s workforce, their influence affects how companies conduct their business, within the healthcare industry and elsewhere. Finding great workers is arguably the most important aspect in any company’s overall success. Thus the challenge still remains for the modern hiring manager — what are the most desired qualities of today’s employee?

What follows is a look at three must-have attributes in the modern employee.

Technology Must be Second Nature for Today’s Worker

Today’s employee needs to be completely comfortable when working with technology. Desktop computers, laptop computers, tablets, and smartphones, as well as the applications and apps that power them, should all be second nature. The top companies leverage Cloud-based service platforms and mobile technology to gain a competitive advantage, especially those in the ever changing medical world. The best workers — those who are technically adept — thrive in this always-connected environment.

The Modern Worker Expects Change and Embraces It

Sometimes it seems like the pace of change in the world is only increasing. The best employees in today’s age are the ones who don’t merely roll with the changes. Instead, these top notch modern workers accept and embrace change, no matter if it involves technology, day-to-day business operations, or even the macro changes affecting society as a whole.

If you require flexibility from your staff, these are the kinds of workers that have no problems leveraging new ideas and paradigms to support the needs of the organization.

Understands the Importance of Teamwork

In the information technology world, the Agile and DevOps movements place a strong emphasis on teamwork and communication. Embracing these philosophies also benefit companies in other industry sectors, especially in healthcare. Today’s top talent understands that, while their own abilities and opinions do matter, working on a winning team allows everyone to accomplish more together than what was ever possible independently.

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