Your Healthcare Staff can use a Team Building Day, Trust Us

November 19th, 2014

The stressful environment of healthcare leaves many of your workers on the edge. Overstressed employees lead to inefficiency, or worse yet, dysfunction and poor performance — issues that can adversely impact patient care. With more at risk from worker tension than simply your organization’s bottom line, it is time to take steps to rectify the situation.

Taking a day for team building is a perfect way to improve morale, lessen employee stress, and ultimately foster team loyalty. Blowing off some steam out of the office is one of the “costs” of doing business, and it can be fun. Here’s how.

There are Many Options for Fun and Meaningful Team Building Days

The need for team building goes far beyond the healthcare industry, as a veritable cottage industry has arisen around the practice. Thankfully, this leaves you with many options to choose from when deciding on a theme for your team building exercise. Of course, not all options may be available in your local region.

Many of the companies that provide team building activities to businesses — including those in healthcare — design them to be both fun and to foster teamwork. While it is important to allow your workers to blow off some steam, a little foresight in choosing an appropriate activity can also positively affect your team’s performance when back in the office.

If your daily office work is too important to forego, many team building activity providers also offer half-day and evening activities. These activities run the gamut from treasure hunts to making a music video to simply a day out on the golf links — all with a focus on building effective teams that also thrive in your healthcare office.

Remember that a dysfunctional team brings the potential of adverse impacts to patient care and ultimately your organization’s reputation and bottom line. Consider a fun team building day to develop a top notch office staff.

If you need additional input on building the right team for your healthcare organization, talk to the experts at Pinnacle Workforce. As one of the top staffing agencies in the medical industry, we can help ensure your company’s current and future success. Schedule some time with Pinnacle Workforce Corporation today.

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