How to Successfully Manage your Healthcare Team

October 29th, 2014

To keep a healthcare team operating efficiently and proactively, quality management is vital. A great manager combines the best qualities of a coach, psychologist, and traffic cop. The healthcare industry brings its own unique management issues, but many of the same principles suitable for other industries also apply.

Many books have been written on how to successfully manage your workers, so trying to fit all that knowledge into a blog post is an impossible task. Even so, here are some great ideas to make managing your healthcare team a success.

An Open, Collaborative Management Style works Great

Leveraging an open management style helps to foster collaboration amongst your team members. The world of IT is home to the Agile management principle which allows teams to accomplish more by relying on strong teamwork. These concepts definitely apply to the world of healthcare and warrant further exploration.

Your team members need to understand that their opinions are valued and that their input is desired. You give them positive and constructive feedback, while they do the same to you. Everyone needs to feel they are a valued member of something larger.

Display Empathy, Expect Empathy

If your healthcare team is directly responsible for patient care, displaying an empathic nature is a must. As a manager, you need to lead the way by showing empathy to your own workers. Leading by example is a major aspect that separates the best managers from those who just hold the title.

Research the Latest in Healthcare Management Techniques

One’s education never ends, and that tenet especially applies to the healthcare manager. It is important to make the effort to consistently learn new management principles and techniques. Additionally, consider acquiring an advanced degree if you don’t already hold one, as it helps your career path in addition to improving your own management abilities.

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