Empathy is Critical in the Medical Industry. Does your Staff show It?

October 24th, 2014

Sure, professional experience and technical ability are important attributes for your employees to have in the medical industry, but what about empathy? Providing quality healthcare is a prime directive for most companies in the medical field, and employing empathic workers is a key aspect of your organization fostering the right patient care.

But how do you quantify empathy? Is it something that can be learned by offering professional training to your staff? Here are some ideas for ensuring your employees display the caring attitude necessary to thrive in the medical industry.

Empathy Assessments Remain Difficult.

Assessing the empathy of your employees remains a difficult proposition, as it isn’t something that is easily tested. The skill generally relates to a person’s emotional intelligence and social awareness. It’s especially important, since medical employees need to establish a connection with patients when placed in a direct patient care role.

Training Your Employees to be Empathic.

Displaying empathy to your employees on a daily basis is a great way to set a positive example. Additionally, your organization can explore a variety of training programs to instill those same values in your staff. If you don’t already employ someone well-versed in empathy training, bring in an outside consultant to conduct a training session.

Your employees should learn how to effectively use communication and body language to connect with those under their care. They need to be able to understand and relate to the wide variety of situations typically found in healthcare. A positive, caring attitude definitely helps to foster the kind of empathy that will earn your staff accolades.

If you do bring an outside consultant to train your staff in empathy, have them modify your own training programs so future employees can access the same material. Moving forward, your employees will display the right kind of empathy necessary for success in the medical industry.

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