Keep Learning! Your Career depends on your Certification Growth

October 17th, 2014

Any professional’s education doesn’t stop on the day they earn a degree or diploma, and the medical industry is no exception. A successful career means a lifetime of on the job learning supplanted by classroom education. For a medical professional, this could take the form of an advanced degree or acquiring any number of available certifications.

Frankly, your career growth in the world of medicine becomes supercharged when you make the effort to learn any professional certifications related to your line of work. Let’s take a closer look how.

Medical Certifications help your Earning Potential

If you feel stuck in your current position, with little room to grow financially or professionally, check into earning any certifications for your current job. Smart employers offer tuition reimbursement for any classes needed to help you study for the certification test. You should also check out any online or book resources to help you learn the material you expect to be on the test.

Once your certification is earned, make it a point to check into the possibility of a raise or an increase in job responsibility relevant to your new certification. If your employer isn’t willing — or didn’t even offer you tuition reimbursement — the time is ripe to look for a new position. Many employers appreciate employees who take the initiative to earn professional certifications, and they look great on a résumé.

Research the Professional Certifications relevant to your Medical Career

It is important to do the upfront research on any professional certifications relevant to career. A host of certifications exist for a wide range of medical professions, including medical transcription, medical coding, medical assistant, and much more. Your local recruiter is also a great source of advice on what certifications will help your career grow the fastest.

If you need any additional input on what medical certifications would look great on your résumé, talk to the industry experts at Pinnacle Workforce. As one of the nation’s leading medical staffing agencies, we employ recruiters with the right business insights to ensure you enjoy a successful and rewarding career. Make it a point to talk with our team of recruiters today!

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