Why It’s Okay To Quit A Job You Just Don’t Love Anymore

January 26th, 2016

Job turnover exists in nearly all industries, and the world of healthcare is not an exception to this rule. Whatever your reasons — too much stress, burnout, or simply the fact that you don’t love your job anymore — it is acceptable to quit a job. You probably need to make sure a new position awaits you, unless you want to relax for a few weeks before starting to look for something new.

With keeping your career on the right track in mind, here are some reasons why it is OK to leave a job you don’t love anymore.

You’ve Become Stuck in Your Current Position

If you are interested in a career path with gradually increasing responsibilities, sometimes you may feel blocked in your current role. You want to move into something with more managerial responsibilities, and your current office doesn’t really offer a chance to be promoted. At this point, it becomes understandable if you grow to not love your job.

Make it a point to start putting feelers out in the local healthcare scene before deciding whether or not to quit. It helps to have a new position benefiting your skills and experience before leaving your current job.

Family Life Takes Precedence

When your professional career begins adversely impacting your personal life — or vice versa — you need to pause and take stock of what truly matters to you. Finding a position in the medical industry that rewards you both financially and as a person should be your goal. When family life is an important part of what makes you a person, consider finding a company that fosters a proper work/life balance.

A Toxic Work Environment is Bad for Your Health

The medical industry is generally stressful — it comes with the territory. But work environments that are especially toxic, maybe due to coworker issues or an evil boss, can cause harm to your health. Don’t feel bad if you need to look for employment elsewhere, as managing stress sometimes trumps all other considerations.

Partner with an Experienced Medical Staffing Agency

Maintaining a relationship with an experienced medical staffing agency helps make the decision to quit your job an easier task. A knowledgeable recruiter can offer insight into the job scene in your area and help you judge the best time to make your move. When you don’t love your current job anymore, you needn’t feel alone in your decision.

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Is the Job you love worth a Less Than Ideal Salary?

March 13th, 2015

Finding happiness in your chosen profession is a goal for which many workers strive. While some derive their happiness from making as much money as possible, others gain a sense of worth from the type of work they perform. Both kinds of workers are plentiful within the healthcare industry, and some enjoy the best of both worlds — a top notch salary at a job they love.

On the other hand, some are forced to choose between the two. Which begs the question: Is a job you love worth a less competitive salary? Let’s take a closer look to see if we can find the answer.

You can’t put a Price on Job Happiness, can You?

Is it possible to actually put a dollar figure on job satisfaction? If you are currently in a position you love; doing meaningful work on a team of professional comrades, jumping to a different, higher paying job opportunity does come with a risk.

Would any added responsibility and longer hours disrupt your work-life balance? What if the work itself is less rewarding? These are important factors that need to be taken into consideration along with salary and a benefits package.

Ultimately the Right Answer lies within Yourself

Each worker brings their own set of priorities and needs to this question. Some may need the extra money a high salary would bring, when others prefer a stable position with friends and maybe a little less money in their pocket each payday. There are a myriad of factors that play into any worker’s ultimate decision.

In short, this is a question where the right answer is up to the person themselves. Choosing between a higher salary and a job you love is a decision that lies within yourself. Take enough time to look at every variable before making a final choice.

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