Make a Great First Impression by Creating a Great Cover Letter

September 21st, 2014

Sure, a well-crafted résumé is a vital part of any candidate’s job search arsenal, but be sure not to forget about the cover letter. A top notch cover letter is a perfect way to differentiate yourself from the other applicants for an open position. It allows you to go into more detail about your abilities and professional experience.

When you are on a job search, don’t skimp on the cover letter. Here are some tips to ensure you give the best possible first impression with your entire résumé package.

Tailor each Cover Letter for a Specific Position

It is important to personalize every individual cover letter for the open position in question. A form letter or something laden with boilerplate text won’t put you in the best possible light.

Make sure to use the cover letter to detail how your work experiences will benefit the company with which you hope to interview. This gives you the perfect chance to personalize the letter.

You can use a Template to save Time, but Personalize

If you are sending out tens of résumés at once, writing each cover letter from scratch could take some time. Use a cover letter template to save on your efforts, but don’t skimp on the personalization. Once again, you need to tailor each cover letter for every open job.

Don’t forget the Keywords

Any keywords related to your skill set or technical abilities should be used within both your cover letter and your résumé. Consider the person in HR responsible for doing the initial vetting of candidates.

When faced with hundreds of résumé packages to look through, HR staff usually skim the résumés and cover letters looking for keywords that stand out. If you use keywords, you raise your chances of getting called in for an interview.

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