How Should You React to Medical Staff that Seem Disengaged?

April 10th, 2015

Empathy is one of the most important attributes for any medical professional. The best healthcare employees put patient care and happiness at the forefront of their thoughts when they are working. On the other hand, disengaged members of your team, providing less than quality care, run the risk of ruining your organization’s hard-earned reputation.

How should you handle members of your medical staff that are disengaged? Let’s take a closer look at some ways to deal with this important issue.

Take Steps to reduce Stress and Increase Employee Happiness


If your staff feel overworked and overstressed it may impact their patient care. Make it a point to ensure each employee isn’t working too many hours each week or even an extra long shift. If an employee has accrued vacation time, make sure they take it, as it will help them recharge and reengage with the patients under their supervision.


Consider hosting a team lunch or an after work event to help improve employee morale. In many cases, poor worker morale leads to disengagement, so it is better to nip any issues in the bud before patient care begins to suffer.


Communicate Regularly with your Staff


It is vital that you and your managerial team regularly communicate with your employees. This could be formally within the context of the workday, but also casually during the team events mentioned earlier. Employees need to be reminded of their daily expectations on the job, and also that they are valued members of your staff.


Champion Employee Development


A key factor is employee engagement is their personal career development. Offering tuition reimbursement and a robust training program helps to keep your staff engaged in both their career as well as their daily duties at the office. Once again, this ties into the simple fact that employees need to know that they are valued.


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