How to Interview Medical Assistants

July 10th, 2015

This basic fact still holds true — the job interview gives your company the best chance of truly evaluating candidates before extending an offer to those who make the best fit for your company. The healthcare industry provides no exception to this rule; your HR staff and managers need to be well-honed on the proper interviewing techniques. Making a mistake in this part of the hiring process can cost your firm in the long run.

With the hope of hiring top candidates that grow into valuable employees, let’s take a look at a few ideas on how to interview medical assistants.

The Interview Questions must relate to the Work Performed at your Office

Work with the managerial staff at your office to create a script of interview questions that match the type of work your office performs on a daily basis. While the candidate’s résumé probably mentions whether or not they are certified as a medical assistant, it makes sense to delve deeper into their actual work experience. Certifications add a measure of trust the candidate would make a skilled addition to your team, but your interview questions need to find out more about the candidate.

What is the candidate’s comfort level with computers and technology, which are vital skills for the 21st Century medical office? Is the person experienced in working with medical records software like Medent? Have they held responsibility for medical billing or even medical transcription earlier in their career?

Check into their experience with HIPPA regulations. If there is OSHA training listed on their résumé, find out more about how they’ve used those skills at their other jobs.

Are they Empathic and a Good Cultural Fit?

Empathy is vital trait for anyone working in the medical industry. Frame a few questions to find out the candidate’s feeling towards patient care. Finally, probe into whether or not the person makes a good cultural fit at your office. This is especially important if you want to build a winning staff with minimal turnover.

Pay close attention to the candidate’s comfort level when answering these questions. Do they seem honest and forthright, or are they struggling to explain their role with any previous employers? Get the interview team together, allowing everyone to share their opinion on who deserves an offer of employment.

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