Five Tips for an Effective Job Posting

October 9th, 2015

Your company has a hiring need and is spending the time and resources to bring in a new employee or two. After a few weeks of publicizing the open position, the number of résumés received by your human resources team remains paltry. If you are encountering difficulty in finding enough quality candidates, maybe your job postings aren’t truly effective?

With that in mind, here are a few tips to help improve your company’s job postings.

Clear Job Titles are a Must

Clearly state the job title at the top of the job posting. Additionally, stay away from clichés like “Rock Star.” Healthcare workers looking for a job probably won’t use “rock star” in a search string.

Leverage Bullet Points to make your Posting easier to Read

If your job postings only include paragraphs, some potential candidates might simply skip them. Be sure to use bullet points with clear, quick-hitting phrases so a reader can see if the job is right for them at a quick glance. Highlight the job requirements, roles, and your company’s benefit package using bullet points.

On the other hand, don’t write the entire job posting using this style. A mix between bullets and paragraphs works best.

State “Must Have” Abilities

Be sure to state all the must have abilities in a bullet point in the job listing. Include the amount of necessary experience as well. This helps to narrow down the number of résumés from unqualified candidates.

Don’t forget the Graphics and Company Logo

HR industry statistics show that job postings with a company logo or other graphics receive around 20 percent more applications compared to postings with only text. Be sure to add your company logo to any job posting — online or print. Consider video as well for online postings; they boast a 34 percent higher application rate.

Use Search Keywords in your Post

Quality search keywords are a must for online job postings. Perform keyword research before authoring the job ad, and make sure you include them in the post. It is important to put yourself in the shoes of a job seeker and use any keywords they would search for.

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