Three Ways to make your Employees’ Lives Easier

July 25th, 2016

Productive employees are engaged employees, which leads to a happier and more efficient workplace. In the medical industry, this typically results in patients receiving better care, which is ultimately your organization’s most overriding concern. Keeping your staff from becoming overworked and stressed out helps ensure the overall productivity of your medical office.

In short, making your employees’ lives easier is a good thing for your company and the patients you serve. Here are three tips towards fostering a productive atmosphere in your medical establishment.

Leverage Temporary Medical Workers to keep Stress Levels Low

Bringing in temporary medical workers to help out during busy times at your office is a smart tactic aimed at preventing your permanent employees from working too many hours.  Stress isn’t good for your staff’s well-being or the care of your patients. Temp workers offer other benefits; including closing any skills gap on your team, or allowing you to test the temp’s abilities before potentially offering them a permanent position.

Work closely with your medical staffing agency partner for access to quality candidates willing to work on a temporary basis. Your regular employees will thank you.

Schedule Staff Strategically based on their Sleep Schedules

It is important not to switch your employees between different shifts on a frequent basis. Take into consideration their regular sleeping patterns when making your work schedules. Try to match shifts with your team member’s preference, and stick to these schedules once they are established. Happier workers and better patient care will be the result.

Be Open to Employee Insights for Operational Improvement

Allowing your staff to contribute their own insights and ideas on your medical office operations is a great way to keep them engaged. Experienced medical professionals working on the frontlines of the industry offer a unique perspective that sometimes gets missed by management. Employees feel they have a stake in the game and their own performance will likely improve as a result.

Maintaining an open door policy welcoming employee opinions helps to start this process. Consider a more formal setup, like holding regular staff brainstorm sessions or an online message board where everyone is encouraged to contribute.

When you need additional insights on building and maintaining a top-notch medical office, talk to the experts at Pinnacle Workforce. One of the top staffing agencies in healthcare industry, we offer great the candidates perfect for both temporary and permanent assignments. Meet with us at your earliest convenience.

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