How to Seek Out a Mentor in the Medical Field

November 21st, 2016

Whether you are new to the healthcare industry, or if you are an experienced medical professional, having a mentor is a great way to ensure your career stays on an upwards trajectory. A mentor offers the right advice when you need it, or they can suggest a training course or certification to improve your resume and future job prospects. If you only knew how to find someone willing and able to help!

What follows are a few ideas for how to find a mentor in the medical industry. Good luck in your search. Ultimately, it’s not a difficult process.

Leverage Your Professional Network

Your professional network and your LinkedIn account are great sources for finding a mentor. Look among your connections to see if there is someone currently working in a medical specialty of interest to you. It also helps to define your professional goals ahead of time when searching for a mentor, so they are better able to help you reach them. Another option would be one of your teachers from school, especially if you’ve maintained a good relationship.

What About Your Current Medical Workplace?

While it is possible to find a mentor among your supervisors or the more experienced co-workers at your current place of employment, it is better to look outside the office. If you ever have a problem at work, it helps to get a different perspective from an outsider. The same advantage also applies if you want to look for another position in the medical industry.

How to Approach a Potential Mentor

Send your potential mentor an email message describing what your goals are and inquiring whether they are able to work with you to achieve them. Find about their availability for a face-to-face meeting and schedule a time for a get together. If they are located in a different region, a video conference works as a valid alternative.

If they are open to a regular meeting schedule after your first get together, work with them on a time convenient for both of you. Be sure to do most of the agenda planning yourself; remember that your mentor is freely giving their time. Whether you choose a long-distance mentor or someone closer, they definitely provide the insight to help develop your medical career.

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