The Top Posts of 2014 Recap — for the Job Candidate

December 26th, 2014

With the new year about to dawn, it’s time to take a look back at our top three posts of 2014 focused on the medical professional. With the economy continuing to improve, especially in the generally recession-proof healthcare industry, hopefully your job prospects remained robust throughout the year. Check out these posts for some valuable insight for when it comes time to enter the job market again.

The Affordable Care Act and Temporary Employment

The introduction of the Affordable Care Act means that freelance and temporary workers have more options when it comes to acquiring health insurance. If your current employer’s insurance is what is keeping you from exploring the added flexibility of a freelance career, the ACA now gives you an easy option for getting health insurance. Check out this article for additional insight on how Obamacare affects the world of temporary employment.

Should Medical Professionals use LinkedIn?

Social networking continues to be a growing trend for the job hunter, and LinkedIn remains the most important social networking website for workers in any industry, including medical professionals. With busy lives both in and out of the office, networking with like-minded folks in your industry becomes more difficult. This article takes a look at how to best leverage LinkedIn to enhance your career in the healthcare industry.

The Importance of Empathy in the Workplace

Empathy is an important trait to foster in normal life as well as your professional career. If you work in the medical industry, the importance of being a caring, understanding professional becomes even more vital, especially if your job includes a patient-facing role. This article offers a look at how developing empathy inside yourself helps your career in the healthcare field.

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