Understanding Employee Burnout and How to Address It

February 18th, 2016

Keeping your office staff operating at its highest efficiency is a must, especially in the somewhat stressful world of healthcare. Sometimes, there’s a fine line between your employees working with their utmost effort and suffering from workplace burnout. It is up to you and your managerial team to recognize the signs of employee burnout, so you are able to solve the problem before it adversely impacts patient care.

Here are a few ideas to help you better understand employee burnout and ensure your medical team doesn’t suffer from its effects.

Watch for a Loss of Spark or Enthusiasm

If you or any of your managers notice employees who seem to be going through the motions — a loss of enthusiasm for their work — make it a point to hold a one-on-one meeting with them. Absenteeism is another sign that something might be up. So pay attention to anyone on your staff arriving late or taking an unusual amount of sick days.

Be Proactive with Stress in the Medical Workplace

Additionally, encourage your staff to reach out to their managers or yourself if they feel things are getting out of hand. It is better to nip things in the bud before they grow to become performance issues. Dedicate a portion of your employee manual to work-related stress issues, as your staff needs to understand you won’t immediately pass out pink slips when job burnout arises.

Appreciate and Reward Your Employees

Your employees need to be properly matched with job roles related to their experience level and skill set. This helps to lessen their stress levels. Additionally, consider rewarding exemplary members of your staff for a job well done, as building a positive company culture is another good way to prevent employee burnout.

Encourage Employee Wellness

Make sure your employees are aware of the steps they can take to improve their own mental and physical well-being. Consider holding meditation classes at your office as mindfulness can play a major role in keeping your staff on an even keel. Work with your company’s health insurance provider to develop a wellness program to help stave off the effects of workplace stress.

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