Does your Medical Team Culture attract Top Candidates?

March 20th, 2015

In the competitive modern business world, it is important for your company to consistently attract the top candidates, and the healthcare industry isn’t an exception to this rule. Sure, a competitive salary and a generous benefits package help in convincing the top talent to work for your firm. In many cases, however, corporate culture plays a large role in determining where the best go to work, especially when compensation packages are equal.

With that in mind, what steps can your organization take to ensure its company culture is the envy of the competition? Let’s take a closer look.

Offer Employees a Chance to Grow Professionally

The best talent needs to know that they will thrive as an employee with your firm. This means offering them a good supply of interesting project work, inspiring bosses and coworkers, as well as the opportunity for professional growth and advancement. If all they perceive is a dead-end position, chances are the top candidates will look elsewhere to further their career.

A Flexible Work Environment gives a Good Work/Life Balance

Your company’s work environment needs to be flexible to attract top candidates, especially those from the millennial generation. Don’t strictly enforce a 9 to 5 schedule. Instead, offer flex time and judge employees more on the quality of their project work as opposed to merely looking at whether or not they are at their desk at exactly 9AM everyday.

Remember that Word about your Company Culture gets Around

You can be sure that your current workers keep their friends and colleagues informed about what it’s like at your organization. Give your workers a chance to grow, a flexible work/life balance, and a fun and active office environment, and watch how your company culture becomes the envy of the competitors in your area. Do all this and watch the résumés from top candidates arrive in droves!

If your organization needs additional input on developing a winning corporate culture, talk to the experts at Pinnacle Workforce. As one of the top staffing agencies in the healthcare industry, we can supply your firm with great business insight and top candidates. Schedule a meeting with us today!

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