Interviewing 101: Are You Asking the Right Questions?

December 12th, 2014

After vetting seemingly hundreds of résumés, you’ve picked a few top candidates to interview for your open position. Considering the cost incurred when on-boarding new employees, this hiring decision is one you absolutely need to get right. With that mind, are you sure the right questions are being asked to provide you the insight necessary to make the right choice?

With that in mind, here are some ideas about the right questions to ask when interviewing a candidate for employment.

Find out What is Important to the Candidate

A cultural fit helps to ensure a long relationship between an employer and their employee. You need to ask questions to probe into the things that truly matter to the candidate. Find out what is important to them on a wide range of subjects, including professional growth, charitable opportunities, and more.

How does the Candidate handle a Stressful Situation?

Successfully dealing with on the job stress is an important attribute for any employee. Make sure to find out how the candidate would handle working with a know-it-all co-worker or one who doesn’t pull their share of the weight. Ask them how they would handle a long, over budget project — one getting a lot of attention from management.

Ask the Candidate about their Last Mistake on the Job

This is another way to find out how a candidate handles stress, with some additional insight into how they view themselves. Easily admitting a mistake in judgment or performance might mean the candidate doesn’t sport the kind of ego that can hamper teamwork in the office.

How will the Candidate add Value to your Organization?

The best candidates are ones that understand how your business functions as a whole. This question probes into a candidate’s ability to hit the ground running on their first day, while offering some insight into their comprehension of your business operations.

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