Unconventional Bonuses to Offer Employees

September 7th, 2014

Of course, salary and benefits aren’t the only ways to reward your employees. Applying a little creativity when it comes to remunerations goes a long way in engendering worker loyalty. The best companies seem a bit like family, so taking that angle when it comes to unconventional bonuses is a great way to reward a job well done.

Let’s take a closer look at some different and creative ideas for rewarding your staff.

Celebrate each Worker’s Birthday

Make it a point to have a special lunch with a birthday cake when it comes time for your workers to celebrate that special day. For small offices, this is easily manageable, but larger organizations might look at celebrating all the birthdays for that month on one day each month. Fridays generally work best for this kind of long lunch — with cake!

If your workers are in the middle of crunch time at the office, this monthly birthday lunch can be rescheduled, but make sure not to forget the event.

Reward Cards are a Nice Perk

Hand out reward cards from a local retail establishment to mark each worker’s anniversary day at your company. Give one card for each year of service at your firm. While this bonus is really just another form of financial remuneration, depending on your tax laws the employee may not have to report the bonus as income.

Giving the reward cards out to everyone during the Holiday Season is another option instead of using the employee anniversary date.

An Extra Vacation Day is a Perfect Bonus

If your salaried employees worked extra hard to successfully complete a project on time and on budget, reward them with an extra vacation day or two. This is a great way to show that your staff’s efforts didn’t go unnoticed. Having a Project Completion Celebration Day at the office also helps to grow company spirit.

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