Tips on Job Seeking while Employed

July 31st, 2015

There comes a time in nearly every worker’s career when circumstances require looking for a new job while still employed. Maybe the pay isn’t competitive for the position and location, or perhaps a personality conflict with the boss makes the work environment a bit toxic. Whatever the reasons, embarking on a job search when currently employed takes some skill, especially considering the need to keep things discreet.

With that in mind, here are a few tips on job seeking while employed healthcare industry.

A Confidential Job Search is a must when Employed

It goes without saying — discretion is a must when searching for a new position while still employed. The worse thing you can do is talk about your plans with any of your current coworkers, as this helps get the rumor mill working overtime. Even former colleagues might be friendly with the bosses at your current job, so the best policy is to keep your plans to yourself.

Also, make sure you are careful online; for instance, don’t use your company email address to send out résumés or to contact recruiters. Any activity on LinkedIn or even Facebook hinting at a new job search or even being disgruntled with your current position might get noticed by your superiors. Once again, embarking on a quest for a new job while employed means discretion is an absolute requirement.

Keep working hard at your Current Position

Don’t slack off on your current job duties when searching for a new position. Your superiors may notice your relative lack of effort; leading them to question if something is causing your performance to suffer. Give your full effort each and every day as normal.

Work with a Trusted Staffing Agency when looking for a Job

Ultimately, working with a trusted staffing agency is a great idea should you decide to search for a new position while currently working. The best employment companies know how to keep things secret, so you can rest easy knowing your bosses won’t find out about your plans.

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