Finding a Company Culture That Fits Your Needs

November 16th, 2015

Cultural fit plays a large role in the overall happiness with your job, both in the medical industry and other business sectors. If you aren’t professionally compatible with your employer and coworkers, your work performance may suffer, adversely impacting your chances at a better position elsewhere. It is important to understand the corporate culture at any healthcare establishment before you accept a job offer.

Let’s take a look at some ideas on finding a compatible company culture at your next position in the world of healthcare.

You must Research the Company Beforehand

Researching the company in question before any job interview is vital for a myriad of reasons, especially so you sound knowledgeable during the interview. This research also potentially offers you a look at their company culture. The company’s website as well as their LinkedIn and Facebook pages, if present, are other great sources for cultural information.

Additionally, you can check out their listing on Glassdoor for insight from current and former employees.

Leverage your Professional Network

Talk to any contacts within your professional network to see if they know any current or former employees of the company in question. Maybe you already network with a current worker? This “inside” information is invaluable when trying to figure out whether or not you would fit in at any organization.

Find out what everything you are able from as many sources as possible (either online or inside information), and then keep your eyes open when arriving for your interview. Check out the office and watch how people are interacting with each other. Ultimately, once you have all the information you need, trusting your own judgment is the best call.

Personal Information on your Résumé

While you want to limit the amount of personal information you put on your résumé, mentioning some — like any volunteer activities — helps to give your potential employer an idea of what makes you tick. It lets them decide whether or not you would make a good fit with the other workers at their company. Any smart company in the medical industry knows happy employees perform better and are probably more empathic with patients.

Also, work with your recruiter to go over your personal attributes, so they have a better idea of which of their clients makes a better cultural fit.

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