Graduating? Three Tips to use Alumni to land a Medical Job Fresh out of School

May 15th, 2015

So you just graduated from school and are hoping to find a worthwhile position in the medical industry. The job market can be tough for a new graduate, especially since your professional network has yet to take shape. Don’t fret, because even in a challenging hiring scene, the previous graduates from your school are a useful resource to make your search an easier task.

With that in mind, here are three tips for leveraging alumni to help you land a great healthcare job soon after graduation.

Leverage the Alumni Database at your School’s Career Center

Most good colleges or medical technical schools provide a career center to assist new graduates in their job search. Take advantage of these resources! There is probably an online alumni database full of potential resources willing to help you on your quest.

Use the database to create your own spreadsheet of contact information. Send polite introductory notes explaining your situation while asking for advice on your search. Most alumni are quite happy to provide you information and potentially other professional contacts.

Use LinkedIn to help build your Professional Network

One of the first things you should do after graduation is create your own LinkedIn profile. The preeminent social network for professionals, LinkedIn also provides another method for reaching out to alumni from your school. Peruse their connections to see if there are any contacts working in the medical industry in your area.

Join your School’s Alumni Association

While it seems like an obvious step, make it a point to become an active member of your school’s alumni association. This is another great way to grow your professional network with people that share a common alma mater. Most alumni associations also offer job search assistance to help you throughout your career.

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