Four Must-Have Documents in Your New Hire Packet

May 8th, 2015

The onboarding process takes valuable time and resources from any organization’s HR staff, especially considering the extremely busy nature of the healthcare industry. On the other hand, it is vital to get new hires up and running as quickly as possible so they can start making a positive difference for the team.

This is one area of human resources role that stands to benefit from streamlining procedures. For example, it makes sense for your HR team to provide a standardized new hire packet ready to go on an employee’s first day. With that in mind, here are four must-have documents for a new employee’s welcome packet.

Employee Information Form

It’s a good idea to provide a new hire with an employee data form to collect any relevant information like their address, home and mobile phone numbers, emergency contact data, and their birth date. An electronic version of this form delivered over the company intranet also suffices.

Tax and Direct Deposit Forms

An obvious requirement is any federal tax forms, including the W-4 used to set an employee’s tax withholding allowance. Additionally, include the I-9 form that verifies an employee’s eligibility to work in the United States. Finally, make sure any direct deposit forms to help set up the employee’s payroll deposit info are part of the packet.

Don’t forget the Employee Handbook

Your organization needs to author a robust employee handbook detailing all rules and procedures as well as information for accessing the intranet, company email, and other relevant software applications. Have someone in HR take the time to review the handbook with the new hire, and have them sign a sheet acknowledging they’ve reviewed the content.

Insurance Information is a Must

Finally, include application forms for the company’s health, life, and any other insurance offered in the corporate benefits package. This includes beneficiary information for life insurance, as well as the data for any partner and dependents that are to be covered by the organization’s heath insurance provider.

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