Attractive Incentives for Prospective Employees

November 30th, 2015

Trying to find the best healthcare talent in today’s market remains a challenge for many companies. Sure, you may receive up to a hundred résumés for an open position, but probably two or three candidates are truly qualified, and you’ll face stiff competition trying to get them to accept a job offer. It’s a situation that makes many HR managers pull their hair out.

Offering meaningful incentives to promising candidates boosts your chances of attracting the best medical workers. With hiring the best possible employees in mind, let’s take a closer look at how to spice up your organization’s job offers.

A Signing Bonus helps to clinch the Deal

Consider offering a signing bonus to ensure your company is able to convince the best candidates to sign on the dotted line. If you are worried a new employee will end up leaving after a few months, pay some of the bonus up front, while paying the rest on the employee’s one-year anniversary. The most important thing is turning a quality candidate into a contributing team member.

While signing bonuses add a short-term expense to your company, you may actually save dollars in the long run when considering the costs of onboarding new employees — a task you’ll need to repeat after hiring an inadequate worker that quickly needs replaced.

Offering extra vacation or personal days upon hire is another incentive option worth considering in lieu of a cash signing bonus. If your company’s budget is currently tight, this provides another means for incenting the top industry talent to consider your organization. You are also able to stagger the PTO offer over a longer period, giving the new hire another good reason to stay with your firm.

A Robust Benefits Package and Welcoming Culture helps to attract Top Talent

If you regularly encounter difficulty in getting the best medical industry talent to join your company, you need to ensure you provide a competitive benefits package. Talk with your staffing agency partner about where your compensation and benefits rank among other medical companies in your city.

Additionally, remember to foster a positive company culture, as this provides another good reason for quality candidates to choose your firm. Word about corporate culture — both good and bad — spreads quickly in the employment market.

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