Want to stand out after your Interview? Use these Follow Up Tips.

December 22nd, 2014

Even after the Great Recession, the job market remains very competitive. If you were lucky enough to be one of the few out of hundreds of candidates to get an interview, making an impression sometimes isn’t easy. Being sure to properly follow up with the company after an interview is a great way to stand out, earn a second interview, and then hopefully score a great job offer.

With so many in competition for so few open positions, it is important to shine before, during, and after an interview. Here are some additional tips for a successful post-interview follow up.

Always send a Follow Up Email or Letter

Sending a follow up email or letter after an interview is simply the professional thing to do. Use this opportunity to thank the person for the opportunity to interview for the open position. Additionally, leverage this chance to expound on some of the ideas discussed during the interview; consider it another window for you to sell the company on your abilities and personality.

Don’t be a Pest Regarding whether they’ve made a Final Decision

While it is important to follow up at least one time after an interview, don’t be a pest when it comes to finding out when and if they’ve made a final choice on which candidate earned the job offer. Never call back more than two times; if you haven’t heard either way, it’s best to move on to other opportunities.

Never get Discouraged by Rejections — Stay on Course!

Even if you didn’t get the job, it is important to never be discouraged when hunting for a new position. Competition for good jobs remains fierce, so don’t take the rejection personally. It is now time to focus on the many other open positions waiting for your résumé, interview, and professional follow up.

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