Here’s to a New Year and a Fresh Start — Landing your Dream Job

January 9th, 2015

As 2015 dawns, it is a great time to take stock of your career path and whether or not you are on the road to success. A new year gives you a great opportunity to try and land your dream job in the healthcare industry. What follows are a few steps you can take today to ensure your job search is fruitful and rewarding.

Make Sure your Résumé is Top Notch

If you haven’t already done it, take the steps to update your résumé with your latest work experience and accomplishments. Hiring managers process potentially hundreds of résumés for an open position, so make your CV is easy to read and follow. Don’t use too many different fonts or try to cram too much information on one page.

Focus on the tangible achievements in your experience instead of merely listing your abilities and responsibilities. Any new company wants to know how you will make a positive difference for their firm.

Maintain an Active and Professional Social Media Presence

A LinkedIn account needs to part of your job search arsenal, so create one if you haven’t already. Consider that account to be the online version of your résumé. Use LinkedIn to network with others in your field; you may even meet someone who already works for your dream company.

Feel free to endorse and recommend those in your LinkedIn network; chances are good they will return the favor.

Partner with a Top Ranked Recruiting Company in your Area

A partnership with a local recruiting company in the healthcare industry is a perfect step to ensure a great shot at landing your dream job. The best staffing agencies understand the local market and have a line on the best available jobs at the top companies in your region. In many cases, they know about these open positions before they are publicized.

Pinnacle Workforce is a great choice as a recruiter partner when beginning your job search. As one of the top healthcare staffing agencies in the country, we understand the industry and can help ensure your quest for a dream job ends well. Make sure to schedule a meeting with us as soon as possible!

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