How to (Discreetly) Look for a New Job

May 22nd, 2015

Whatever the reason, there are times you might want to look for a new job in a discreet fashion. Maybe your current position isn’t challenging enough, but you don’t want to risk anyone finding out you are looking, as you still need a regular paycheck. Don’t fret, as your situation isn’t unique, but it takes some work considering the social-media driven nature of today’s job search.

Here are a few tips on how to search for a new position while keeping your current bosses in the dark.

Keep Everything a Secret at your Current Office

Once you’ve begun a new job search, it is vital not to tell anyone at your current office about your plans, unless they are absolutely trustworthy. “Loose lips sink ships” is the old cliché, but it definitely applies in this case. No matter your wishes, expect word about your clandestine activities to get around and that your bosses will end up finding out.

Watch your Social Media Activity

When on a secret quest for a job, you need to pay close attention to your social media activity. Obviously, advertising your availability for a new position on your LinkedIn account isn’t the wisest action to take, but make sure you don’t inadvertently spill the beans on Facebook or Twitter. Facebook, especially with its confusing array of security settings bears watching, as one of your bosses might be a “friend of a friend” and possibly see your posts.

Schedule Interviews during the Evening

Make it a point to schedule any interviews during the evening or maybe on your lunch hour, although the latter period doesn’t give you too much time. Showing up for work fully arrayed in a professional dress code might blow your cover, so to speak.

Use References from earlier in your Career

Another obvious point, perhaps, but make sure your references are from earlier in your career. If there is a trustworthy colleague in your current office, use them, but older references will probably have to suffice.

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