Finding the Perfect Summer Medical Job

June 27th, 2014

When summer hits, you may feel the temptation to slack off a bit and take a vacation from school, work, and even the job hunt. In spite of those feelings, summer can be the best time to find a perfect medical job that will carry you into the fall and even into a promising future. The summer job market is full of opportunities as companies have settled into their routine and know their staffing needs in a clear way. Current teams have identified their strengths and the gaps are obvious so the job search can be in favor of the candidates during the summer searching times. If you are on the market for a new job, consider putting in applications before the rush of summer but even if you missed that time frame, it’s never too late to send out your resume to companies or even to work with a staffing agency to find a perfect new position.

What to Look for in a New Job?

The summer may be warm but the job market in some cities is even warmer. Not only can you find a job that meets your salary expectations but also one where you can make a difference in the life of your patients. A summer medical job can have various components, making it an ideal position for those who are qualified. Here are some things to look for in a summer job:

  1. Consistency. When you need steady work, a staffing firm may have just the right positions for you. You won’t need to keep applying to new jobs as you will be in their system and as summer medical jobs become available, they can present you to the potential employers.
  2. Flexibility. With summer jobs often comes the ability to have a more flexible schedule. As patients take vacations, days off, and even spend time away from their homes, you may have the ability to work with other patients or to even have downtime for yourself.
  3. Location. Have you ever considered taking medical jobs that require travel? A perk of the traveling medical jobs is you will have chance to see various parts of the country. It can be a fun way to sightsee while earning a living at the same time. You could have an adventure each and every summer with a new medical job that requires travel to provide care.
  4. Permanent. Some of the summer jobs turn into full-time jobs after the three months and you could start the fall season with a permanent medical job. For those who may just be starting out in the medical field, a summer medical job is a smart way to learn, work with professionals, and work with real patients.

Your summer medical job can be the launching pad for a new career or even as a way to get your “foot in the door” at a new facility while still maintaining a steady job. While others are on vacation, take some time in the summer to further your education and apply for summer medical jobs that will take your career to the next level.

5 Ways to Make Your Temporary Staff Feel Welcome

April 16th, 2014

Team morale is one of the most important factors in the success of your company. Without a cohesive attitude, your company will begin to feel the negative effects and your productivity will suffer. When you hire new team members, especially those on a temporary basis, it can prove to be difficult fostering that connected feeling between employees. There are several steps you can take in order to make even temporary staff members feel welcome and valuable to your organization:

  1. Include them in on the fun events. It is a given that you will ask the temporary employees to attend meetings and conferences but don’t forget to invite them to team activities such as happy hour after work, or a catered lunch event. The informal setting can help everyone open up to each other and really get to know one another.
  2. Get to know them personally. If you have a company birthday wall or family wall, ask them to participate. Some companies honor family service members or family achievements so give them a chance to interact with others in your organization. They may find others with common interest and family situations, which can create an immediate bond.
  3. Be cautious about how you talk about their employment. It’s never a good idea to mention they are temporary or to keep reminding everyone on the team that they are just “here for a couple weeks” because you may want them to stay on longer. It can also make them feel as though they are disposable to the team and not allowed to be part of the long term planning meetings.
  4. Ask for their input when others are around. The full-time staff may not recognize the value of the short term employees but when they see your attitude and openness, they will more than likely follow your lead.
  5. Give them a spot. Don’t assume that just because they are temporary, they won’t need to have a desk or supplies like the other staff and by not providing that, it can send the message of their lack of importance. When they have their own space and tools to perform at the job, they can achieve success and others will recognize them for their abilities.

The temporary team members are an integral part of your organization or you wouldn’t have a need for them. The simple fact of their hiring speaks to their worth and their value to the company as a whole but unless the team understands it, there can be contention and unnecessary hostility. As their leader, you have the ability to make it work effectively and can help each team member feel valuable and welcome among your staff.

Should Medical Professionals Use LinkedIn?

March 7th, 2014

Social media connects people from all walks of life and professions with a simple invite from one profile to another. It has brought together long-lost family members, rekindled friendships, and even helped network for professionals to find better jobs. The variety of social media outlets continues to increase but the one that stands out for professional use is LinkedIn. With over 1.5 million identified healthcare professionals, it is a site geared for use by those who want to increase their career network, find a new job, or those who want to find new candidates for their open positions. LinkedIn has a distinct emphasis on professional connections and updates, in contrast to other social media sites that promote random thought and personal information sharing. Medical professionals can benefit greatly from using LinkedIn to connect professionally with others for a variety of reasons:

  1. The busy schedules of medical professionals can make it difficult to meet others in the same field and even those in the same facility. While you may prefer to keep the relationship professional, you can still have a connection with them. Many times doctors and nurses will not fraternize but there is a benefit to connecting outside of the workplace, in a professional way.
  2. Information sharing is invaluable in healthcare. LinkedIn allows users to hone in on updates that are important to them and then have the opportunity to share what they’ve learned. For example, a healthcare professional learning about a new facility or treatment can share it with their network and not only provide that valuable information but become a resource for those in similar fields.
  3. It’s fast and easy to connect. Some social media sites are complicated and full of spam but LinkedIn strives to be a site where users will connect with those they actually know or have a common connection. Rather than signing in to a mailbox full of spam, healthcare professionals can connect with people they actually know and a network that will be beneficial to them.
  4. Legitimate opportunities can be shared and found by medical professionals. As in any job field, there are those who offer non-existent jobs or ones that may not pay market standard and it is a waste of time for professionals. When a job is offered on LinkedIn, it is not free for the job poster so the scammers are properly vetted through the LinkedIn channels.
  5. A high number of medical groups are on LinkedIn and your network can grow by leaps and bounds. The next time you need to find a registered nurse or bio/pharm professional, it will take a minute to search through your chosen groups and find real people with the right credentials.

As a professional in any field, it is wise to have a network of others you can turn to but this is especially the case in the world of healthcare professionals. Trust and privacy are the cornerstone for those working within the medical field so proceed with caution when  finding new staff or suppliers.

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