Spring cleaning your Workstation — Are you remembering to disinfect Key Tools?

March 28th, 2016

Doing a Spring cleaning at your residence is one thing, but what about performing the same ritual on the workspace at your medical office. Some healthcare companies have specialized departments to handle this responsibility, but many small offices can’t afford this extra janitorial luxury. Given the importance of patient safety, you need to take the steps to ensure your office remains clean, virus-free, and protected from germs and other airborne bacteria.

Here are some tips for keeping your medical office clean. Remember, if you have a department or an employee responsible for cleaning, let the professionals handle some of these duties. Still, it is important to keep your personal space germ free to prevent the spread of sickness.

Your Workspace is a High Germ Zone

Any office cubicle offers a welcoming environment for germs of all types. This problem becomes exacerbated when considering the typical visitor to a medical office, no matter what ailments they are carrying. A study by the UK sanitary services company, the Cleaning Services Group, revealed that 80 percent of illnesses are transmitted by contact with an infected surface — not from sneezing or coughing. Office telephones are a notorious high germ zone.

Workers at a medical office need to go the extra mile to ensure their workplace stays spic and span. While some patients will bring their germs into the office, you also need to ensure your staff doesn’t add to the problem by spreading their own contagions. Patient safety remains paramount, plus you don’t want your office’s efficiency to suffer due to extra sick days.

Tips for a Clean Medical Office

Since a work desk is 100 times less hygienic than a typical kitchen table, don’t let your staff eat at their desk. Make it a point to keep your office kitchen extra clean and inviting so your employees enjoy using it for their lunches. Give the area a thorough cleaning each night to ensure the bacteria count is kept to a minimum.

Spend a little extra out of the office budget for sanitary wipes to be placed at each employee’s desk. Encourage their use on a daily basis. Frankly, the concept of Spring cleaning should be foreign to any medical office, as the entire office — desks, cubicles, greeting area, examination rooms, and kitchen — needs to be fully cleaned and sanitized each and every day.

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