What are the Most Useful Smart Phone Apps for Nurses?

February 14th, 2014

Nurses are the backbone of any medical facility, and without their knowledge, skills, and care, the physicians wouldn’t be able to achieve the results they do with their patients. The nurses may not receive the same amount of formal training as the doctors but they are still expected to have the same amount knowledge when patients need information. A nurse is the first person to assist a patient with their problems or recovery yet who gives the nurse help? Over the past several years, nurses can be seen running the halls with their hands full of supplies and their smartphones. There has been an increase in the amount of apps designed specifically to help these healthcare heroes and these apps have been able improve the productivity levels of these already amazing people.

Latest and Greatest Apps for Nurses
In 2012, Apple compiled a list of the top apps that are working to help nurses with their daily workloads and with at least 11 that made the list, it makes sense as to why nurses are rarely without their smart phones most days. With apps designed to help with organizational skills to other apps that will allow staff members to communicate using the hospital user directory and VoIP system, a nurse now has several options for help any time of the day or night. Here are some of the most useful smart phone apps available for nurses:

  1. Voalte One by Voalte: This is an app designed to make communication around the hospital easier. The name of the company is derived from the elements of the app itself, voice, alarms, texts (vo-al-te).  It enables calls across the hospital and texting based on the user directory as well as alarms that can be customized for the needs of each nurse.
  2. Nursing Central by Unbound Medicine: A unique app that puts information in the hands of nurses in seconds of a question. With a database of over 5,000 drugs and over 65,000 definitions, nurses will be able to interpret hundreds of lab and diagnostic tests on their own in a matter of minutes. Complete with pictures and a user-friendly interface, this is a must-have for nurses of any age and experience level.
  3. Patient Touch by PatientSafe Solutions:  This app touts its ability to organize each patient the nurse has from their meds to care required, and even their necessary labs. It will alert the appropriate resources of what is going on with the patient and keep things moving in a forward direction for excellent care to be given. It is said to improve the safety, quality, and efficiency with which a nurse can work and in turn will decrease unnecessary costs and human error.

The high demand and stress placed on nurses can result in mistakes, which are unintentional but can still create problems. The smart phone apps currently available are designed to be the added help a nurse can use to their benefit on a daily basis.

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