Beware of Résumé Fraud — How to Avoid it and What to Know

October 30th, 2015

Perusing the hundreds of résumés your company receives each time you publicize an open position is hard enough. Discovering and filtering out any fraudulent CVs also strains the resources of your human resources staff. Their extra effort remains important, however, because hiring someone who falsified their work or educational history is a risk no medical company wants to take.

A survey by the Society of Human Resources Managers noted that nearly half of all résumés contain falsifications. Let’s take a look at a few techniques to help your healthcare firm avoid the risk of résumé fraud.

A Deliberate Hiring Process is a Must

Once your HR team does its first sweep through a collection of new résumés, make sure any candidates who pass that first eye test get a thorough onceover before selecting any for interviews. If someone claims experience with medical software or any other piece of medical technology before it reached the market, there are probably other falsehoods on their CV.

While running a complete background check makes sense before extending a job offer, take the time to contact universities to verify any candidate’s educational background before the interviewing process. Remember, it takes time from your HR and managerial team to interview candidates, so only bring in anyone able to pass verification on some of their basic résumé information.

Reference and Background Checks remain a Vital Part of the Hiring Process

No matter in which part of the hiring process you perform them, reference and background checks remain a vital weapon in combating résumé fraud. Consider conducting quick reference checks before interviews to simply verify basic information. Weeding out false candidates is definitely possible earlier in the process, saving valuable time typically used to conduct interviews.

Once an offer is ready to be extended, make it contingent on the applicant passing a background check. An extensive check of the candidate’s work and educational history along with verifying the lack of criminal background (if alluded to on their application) is simply a must for any medical company. Make sure you use an accredited company to perform any background checks — you want the most thorough analysis of candidate’s history as possible before making a final hiring decision.

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