Considering Travel Nursing? Review These Statistics

November 22nd, 2013

Nursing isn’t the first profession you think of as one that allows for travel. When you think of nursing, you probably think about being in a medical facility all day; while you may have flexible schedule, it’s not exactly one that provides freedom outside of the center. If you want to travel and enjoy caring for patients in their home or other facilities, it may be time to consider a career change; traveling nurses can not only deliver excellent care but will have the opportunity to see the city or state in which they live. Because traveling nurses are necessary to their patients, the demand is high and the salaries are one of the perks of this career.

Reasons Nurses Travel
Nurses are adept at making choices on a daily basis, choices such as how to deal with emergencies, how to work with difficult patients, and even how to break bad news to families. A nurse may not always have the ability to change their pay, once they decide to practice in a certain health facility but what if you did? Would you choose location over pay, freedom over steady salary? What if you didn’t have to? What if you could live in your dream location and also be paid for your skills? This is one of the reasons nurses are jumping into the opportunity of becoming a traveling nurse.

Adventure ranks as the top reason to start a career in travel nursing as 38% of those surveyed stated that was their main reason for deciding to work in this capacity. Money was the second choice at 28%. Many of the jobs taken are based on contract opportunities and it is usually a high demand, high need area. The incentives are there for the travel nursing professionals and many take advantage of it in hopes of looking for an exciting change, more money, and the chance to work with others who need their expertise.

A Career Outside of the Box
As a nurse, you may feel that you miss out on seeing your family or friends over the holidays but for a traveling nurse, you could take a special assignment to be near your family around certain times of the year. By embarking on a career that takes you outside of buildings, affiliated centers, 25% of travel nurses were able to take on a contract to be near their family. In many situations, the job includes room and board; in fact, a travel nursing job can include an hourly rate, housing and travel expenses, and even tax benefits. What are you waiting for? Not only can you take on a stimulating job change but increase your salary and skills by learning from others in your field that may be in a different area of the country or world.

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