3 Ways a Career Mentor can Assist your Allied Health Career

May 9th, 2014

Regardless of where you are in your medical career, you can always learn and become a more efficient provider.  In the healthcare industry, there are ways to daily ways to improve, so you can consistently ensure each patient has the best possible outcome for their needs. The healthcare field is ever changing and without support and knowledge, you may feel lost or even be on the receiving end of misguided career advice.  A career mentor is someone who can guide you through tough choices and be the sounding board you need when faced with difficulties in your professional life. Sometimes your family or co-workers won’t understand your work conflicts, or you simply cannot discuss sensitive issues with them as they are too close to the situation. Having an objective mentor you can call will make a big difference in your future career choices.

How Can a Mentor
Assist Your Career Growth?

An objective third party may seem more like a personal benefit and not one that will help your career but this type of mentor for your professional life is different than just a friend. Choosing a mentor who is familiar with your field and even an authority of their own in the field can prove to be beneficial. If you are contemplating working with a career mentor, here are three ways a mentor can help you in your career:

  1. Knowledge resource.
    A mentor should have more experience in the job field and more years in the industry than your average co-worker. Their knowledge stems from more education and real life situations, with an emphasis on the day-to-day decisions that are made in the healthcare industry. Your career can be improved through their knowledge of new procedures and trends within the industry and you can become a stronger provider, possibly leading to better positions in the field.  You can always learn about your field and possibly through their varied viewpoints, you will become better educated.
  2. Honest opinions.
    Criticism can be hurtful but what if you could hear something constructive about your career from someone you know and trust? Honesty is critical to the foundation of a mentor relationship and this person can give you career insight so you can improve, not just to be mean. Think of your mentor as holding up a mirror to your career and you are able to see the flaws and problems clearly in order to change accordingly. It is not done to belittle you but rather reveal your shortcomings in the spirit of improvement.
  3. Safe zone.
    How many times have you resisted the urge to vent about your job to co-workers or even your family to avoid causing more problems? A career mentor will listen to the problems and offer advice. You may feel on the verge of leaving a medical facility due to mismanagement or other internal problems, only to get the advice from your mentor to stick it out. The mentor can help you decide if it is time to move on or make a lateral career move based on the information you provide, which can be as detailed as you want to share. After all, they are usually not involved with your organization.

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