What Will Employers Find When They Type Your Name Into Google — Managing Online Reputation

April 17th, 2015

There’s no denying that the Internet plays a large role in today’s job search process. Everything from online job sites to professional social networks like LinkedIn has become part of finding a new position in healthcare or any other industry sector. While you leverage the Internet for researching a company with an open position, you can also be sure that the hiring manager from that company will return the favor once you become a candidate.

Around 75 percent of hiring managers use the Internet to search for information about a candidate. So what will potential employers find when they search for you on Google? Are you worried? Let’s take a closer look at managing your online reputation.

Understand your Social Media Network Privacy Settings — especially on Facebook

When looking at the management of your online reputation, it is important that you fully understand Facebook’s privacy settings — which seemingly change on a weekly basis. A good policy is to assume everyone can see what you post or who tags you in a post, so don’t allow any embarrassing material to appear on any social network — including Twitter, Google+, in addition to Facebook.

Beyond that, ensure that you don’t mark anything shared on Facebook as “Public.” Keep your privacy settings to “Friends Only”. Additionally, watch who tries to add you as a friend, in case they may be a hiring manager.

Don’t Forget about Comments you Post

Any comments you post on Amazon or many other websites are searchable. So be sure to watch your online etiquette. It is reasonable to think that most companies aren’t looking to hire Internet trolls.

It is a good idea to regularly Google your own name to see what appears in the search results. If you have a common name, add additional keywords like your city in the search text. In today’s age, online reputation is almost as important as a well-written cover letter to ensure you get a shot at an interview and a job offer.

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