Three Ways to reward and applaud your Best Employees

March 21st, 2016

The medical industry can be very competitive when it comes to hiring and retaining the top talent. Remember the world of healthcare tends to be more immune to economic downturns than other business sectors, so the best employees are always in demand. You need to ensure your top workers feel appreciated, lest they start wondering if the grass is greener somewhere else.

Taking the steps to reward your best employees is a must if you want a successful medical practice. In the hopes of retaining the stars on your staff, here are three strategies for showing how you appreciate their efforts.

Be Generous with Comp Time

Giving your staff enough time to recharge their batteries is a must in the stressful world of healthcare. In addition to their normal PTO allotment, consider awarding a day or two of comp time to your best performers on a quarterly basis. If your top talent worked extra hours over the last few weeks, some extra time off each month would definitely be appreciated.

This offers two benefits. Your best workers are able to refresh themselves, while offering the understanding you are thankful for their work and also care about their well-being.

Develop an Award System

Create an award system at your medical office to inspire all your employees to step up their efforts. A simple “Employee of the Month” award with the added benefit of a gift card at a local restaurant, special parking privileges, or even a day of PTO does wonders for team morale. Host a special award lunch each month, to allow your entire staff some time to decompress and celebrate their coworker’s efforts.

Don’t forget about Financial Benefits

Most of the time, it comes down to a generous salary or other financial considerations to truly gain the loyalty of the most talented members on your team. Develop a bonus structure that recognizes and rewards your best performers over the previous year. This helps to both reward the top workers and incent the rest of your staff to strive for their best.

Additionally, a robust benefits package with tuition reimbursement helps to encourage your team to improve their medical education and practical skills. Having a policy requiring an employee to stay with your firm for a period after receiving tuition reimbursement also helps you retain your best.

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