Looking for a Nursing Position? Start Networking

May 16th, 2014

As with most careers, obtaining a position in the nursing field is based not only on skills and education but also timing. Being in the right place at the right time to be placed into the position you really want is about who you know and your network.  Top-notch medical facilities rarely have a need to advertise for their open positions as they have an established candidate base from which to pull, and sometimes they will hire internally from their existing staff or request referrals from within the teams. If you know someone at the facility, there is a strong chance you will hear about the open position but if not, the position may be filled within a short amount of time and with no outside advertising.

As a healthcare professional, you may not think of networking as an important part of your job. It is a common misconception to assume networking is only critical for jobs in sales or marketing but every professional should have a personal network that they continuously grow and manage.

4 Ways to Ensure You Have the Necessary Connections in Your Industry

  1. Social media.
    More than just for personal connections, social media can connect you to others in your field without the awkward mixers and business functions. Healthcare professionals usually have sporadic schedules so making time to meet others in a physical setting can be difficult but connecting online is fast and easy. Use sites like LinkedIn and search specifically for those in your field with whom to connect.
  2. Stand out.
    While you are at your job, go above and beyond what is asked of you to be noticed. Stellar employees stand out and networks are put into place as your name begins to be recognized and you are referred to better positions within the organization. You may be asked to join other teams on special projects and your network will grow quickly. Don’t turn down the chance to make a lateral move within your field to learn more as a nursing professional as well as increase your network.
  3. Be nice.
    This may sound simple but those in the nursing field should be friendly to their co-workers. Not only to increase their network but also to be a more effective healthcare provider. As your fellow team members become friends rather than just acquaintances, they will be more likely to alert you to a better position or be available as a resource for a recommendation.
  4. Help others.
    When you help others network and achieve a new position, you are paying it forward and they are more likely to remember you if something comes up that would be a good fit for you. Giving to others is a great feeling and it can increase not only confidence but also your network.

Networking is not difficult when you work with people on a daily basis such as in the field of nursing. You have a continuous opportunity to make a positive impression and change lives, which is something people don’t forget quickly. As a nurse, you should make the effort to maintain a network of professional references and friends so you have the chance to move up in your career as the opportunities arise.

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