Phone Interview Questions for Traveling Healthcare Professional Candidates

June 26th, 2015

If you currently enjoy the lifestyle of a traveling healthcare professional, interviews tend to be a regular part of your career, considering its freelance and contract-based nature. Most assignments generally cover a few months at the most, so expect to interview for a new assignment a few times a year. Naturally, many of these interviews take place over the phone or even on video chat services like Skype.

Here are a few tips for making sure you are ready for the typical set of questions used in healthcare position phone interviews.

Employers are looking for a Cultural Fit from their Traveling Professionals

Of course, healthcare companies want to know your professional abilities are top notch and a portion of any interview will focus on your educational background — and more importantly, your work history. These firms also understand that temporary or traveling employees generally offer exemplary work skills, as one wouldn’t last long as a traveling healthcare professional if they consistently performed poorly.

Healthcare employers need to know that you will make a good cultural fit on their team and be able to hit the ground running on your first day. With that in mind, expect them to tailor questions during a phone interview to better get a feel for your personality and how you’ll fit in at their office.

Typical Questions to determine the Cultural Fit of a Healthcare Employee

Expect any interview questions to determine your personality or cultural fit to probe about your inspiration beyond a professional life — hobbies, favorite books, music, or movies, etc. Questions about any charitable work and community service you provide are also good bets. Considering the importance of empathy in the healthcare industry, there will probably a question or two on that subject.

Ultimately, make sure you take each interview seriously as far as any prep work; phone interviews are as important as the in-person version. Research the company in question and be sure to ask some meaningful questions of your own.

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