The Right Way to Share Bad News with Your Staff

May 29th, 2015

Sometimes there is no way to avoid bad news that impacts your company and your staff. No matter the nature of the information, it is important to share it as soon as possible with your employees. How you go about doing it ultimately affects your organization’s ability to properly react and recovery.

Let’s take a look at some ideas on the right way to share bad news with the team at your office.

Never Delay the Delivery of Bad News

It is important not to put off the delivery of bad news. Maybe you think things will improve or the situation will simply go away? Don’t fall into that trap, as your employees might react in a worse manner if they realize your company delayed letting them know the truth — no matter how bad.

Always be Upfront and never hide the Truth

Never be less than upfront when relaying bad news to your staff. Don’t hide any bit of information, unless there are extenuating circumstances requiring you to keep some things under wraps. Once again, expect your staff to have a worse reaction if they ever realize you weren’t completely upfront with them.

Leverage both Verbal and Written Forms of Communication

You need to let your employees know any adverse news in person during a company meeting. Also make it a point to issue an internal press release so that same information is documented in writing. This gives your staff something to refer to if they have any questions, as well as providing legal cover depending on the nature of the issue.

Always treat your Employees with Respect

Ultimately, no matter the level of bad news, you need to treat your staff in a professional manner while delivering it. Simply sending an email with no face-to-face meeting won’t suffice. Give your staff the respect they deserve and your company morale will stay strong despite the news.

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