How to Turn Your New Hire Into a Successful Employee

December 18th, 2016

Congratulations on a successful hiring process which resulted in a qualified candidate joining your medical establishment. Now, the real work begins as you transition your new hire into a valuable and productive employee. A well-considered onboarding process – among other things – remains a key factor in making sure new employees are properly integrated into your team.

What follows are a few ideas on turning a new hire into a successful employee. These insights can help your medical organization become more efficient, with better patient care as the result.

A Well-Defined Onboarding Process is Vital

Your healthcare company needs to implement a well-defined and repeatable onboarding process to ensure new hires come up to speed quickly. This process needs to include a variety of action items ensuring the new employee has everything they need on their first day – insurance forms, payroll information, organizational chart, computing equipment, and other medical technology.

The training program of your medical office needs a section on ensuring new hires get the equipment and procedure training they need soon after they begin work. It is important a brand new employee gets to see how organized their new employer is on the first day at the office. This helps them feel confident they made the right choice in accepting your job offer, while also illustrating the organization they’ll need every day for success on your team.

Involve Your Entire Staff in Onboarding New Hires

An onboarding process also needs to include time spent with you and other senior-level members of your team on their first day. Make sure they are introduced to everyone in the organization – co-workers and managers. An introductory lunch serves nicely as an icebreaker.

Encourage your team members to help any new hires by making sure the right procedures are followed and they are comfortable with the medical technology and equipment used at your establishment. Pairing them up with an experienced co-worker is another good way to boost their comfort level and subsequent productivity as quickly as possible.

Hopefully, these insights turn your new hires into contributing assets faster than ever before. Good luck in your onboarding efforts!

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