Three Summer Networking Tips for Medical Professionals

July 15th, 2016

While a summer season filled with vacations and other leisurely activities makes it difficult to think about professional networking, it isn’t good for your career to slack off during these three months. You never know when an opportunity for additional responsibility and salary might arrive on your doorstep. The summertime offers a great choice for both relaxation AND developing your healthcare industry career.

With taking your medical professional future to its highest level as the goal, here are a few tips for networking during the summer. Let’s check them out.

Don’t let the Good Weather stop your Networking Efforts

It is important to stay networking throughout the entire year. While it may be tempting to slack off a bit during the summer, be sure to keep a steady effort level. Sure, take a few days off if you are going on vacation or prefer your weekends to be work free, but make sure to re-engage when you return.

Try to attend a medical professionals conference during the summer as these are great events for meeting people who could help your career. If the conference is located in a part of the country known for vacationing, you will be able to kill two birds with one stone!

Volunteer in your Community

Consider volunteering your services to other medical establishments either in your own area or in another region. This is another great way to meet a variety of people in the industry. The Red Cross definitely has a need for medical professional volunteers to help with any summer weather-related disasters like hurricanes, floods, and tornadoes.

Making a regular deposit in your professional karma bank never hurts as well!

Online Networking is still Important

Even during the summer, there are times where you can’t be outside on a 24×7 basis. Redouble your online medical networking efforts over this time, especially by staying active on LinkedIn. Add new industry connections both locally and across the country, while recommending and endorsing the abilities of those with whom you’ve previously worked — in many cases, they will return the favor.

If you have any writing ability, consider publishing your own healthcare or nursing blog. This is a great way to become a thought leader in the industry; putting yourself on the fast track to career success.

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