What Unconventional Benefits Could You Provide Employees?

January 10th, 2014

As a manager, you want to treat your team members well but you don’t always have the ability to provide monetary incentives. Is there something else you can offer to show your appreciation? What does your team enjoy? You first have to understand what is important to them, as each person will be different but many times there will be a common currency that is not just money.

If you’re looking for some creative ways, here are just a couple unconventional benefits your staff might truly enjoy:

  1. Flex schedules.
    This is a growing trend with companies and while it may seem disorganized, it can be a great benefit. Not only does this give them time to complete personal tasks that are important to them but it can allow them to focus while they are at work. For example, if your team members have children in school, they won’t want to miss out on school programs, sports games, or other important events. Would you rather have an employee who leaves early but completes all their work or an employee who is not focused on their work but rather thinking about the missed performance?
  2. Break room snacks.
    This used to be a fairly standard benefit for employees but some companies did away with free waters, coffees, and snacks to help reduce costs. Not only does it hurt the health of the staff but the camaraderie that was built in the break room is now non-existent. Your team will benefit from staying hydrated, having healthy snacks, and even just getting up to walk around. Friendships and team building is cultivated in the casual conversations in the break room, hallways, and downtime throughout the day.
  3. Company catered lunches.
    This doesn’t have to happen daily but once or twice a month, providing lunch to your employees can be a huge morale booster. Even if they don’t like the food, the effort put into it will not be lost on them.
  4. Personal days.
    Do you have certain teams that have worked long hours to complete a project? Why not offer them an afternoon off? Let them take off early on a Friday after lunch. Not only can they relax earlier in the day but they may be able to spend time with their families, and that will help to keep them grounded during the busy weeks.

Make sure you know your team before requesting they participate in any type of benefit you design for them. They may not respond well and it will be seen as a negative aspect of work rather than as the positive action you intended. As a manager or business owner, you have the ability to improve the lives of your staff, without dipping too far into the company budget. Taking the time to demonstrate your appreciation will go far with your staff.

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