Hiring Millennials (And What that Means for your Organization)

January 29th, 2014

Certain generations come with stereotypical characteristics and misconceptions. The Millennials are one of the most misunderstood generations in the workforce today. They are categorized as lazy, entitled, and even media-obsessed but in reality, they are ambitious and want to leave a positive mark on the world. Millennials care about their work environment and making friends at work is important to them. Certain perks at work have a higher priority to this generation than to others. In the past, pay and benefits were the cornerstone for happy team members but this group prefers to enjoy their work and to be recognized for what they do.

Characteristics of Millennials
Is your organization interviewing and hiring Millennials? In order to understand the candidates and what they bring to your company, you should take the time to understand their viewpoints and their ideas.

  • They want to be part of a company, embrace the culture, and understand what makes it work. They may ask questions about the break room, lunchtime, and the social perks of the workplace; it’s not because they are selfish but rather this is an important factor.
  • This is an educated group of candidates. Many have some form of higher education and may even strive to complete more within the next several years.
  • Personal development is a factor in the final decision regarding the job acceptance.
  • They would prefer social media freedom, device flexibility, and work mobility over a higher salary. While this seems strange to the older generations who will work overtime to obtain more pay and the culture isn’t an issue, this is a necessary element to the hiring package for a millennial.
  • Recognition is important to these team members. They prefer to be praised in public rather than to be given a performance review at the end of a quarter. It is also important to have open lines of communication with your team either by email, text, or even a quick online chat hangout.
  • You don’t need to hand out large rewards to Millennials. A simple lunch, afternoon off, or even the ability to come in late after a big project is completed, will be motivation for them and convey your appreciation.
  • Millennials are ambitious and want to achieve personal success. Their own goals are something they work towards. Not only in their personal lives but also at work.

There are some companies who shy away from hiring this generation but without good cause. You can hire Millennials and have confidence in their ability to perform the functions you require and more. This generation doesn’t shy away from sharing their life with those at work and forming close bonds. Their desire to build morale and a team spirit can create a strong cornerstone for your company.

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What Unconventional Benefits Could You Provide Employees?

January 10th, 2014

As a manager, you want to treat your team members well but you don’t always have the ability to provide monetary incentives. Is there something else you can offer to show your appreciation? What does your team enjoy? You first have to understand what is important to them, as each person will be different but many times there will be a common currency that is not just money.

If you’re looking for some creative ways, here are just a couple unconventional benefits your staff might truly enjoy:

  1. Flex schedules.
    This is a growing trend with companies and while it may seem disorganized, it can be a great benefit. Not only does this give them time to complete personal tasks that are important to them but it can allow them to focus while they are at work. For example, if your team members have children in school, they won’t want to miss out on school programs, sports games, or other important events. Would you rather have an employee who leaves early but completes all their work or an employee who is not focused on their work but rather thinking about the missed performance?
  2. Break room snacks.
    This used to be a fairly standard benefit for employees but some companies did away with free waters, coffees, and snacks to help reduce costs. Not only does it hurt the health of the staff but the camaraderie that was built in the break room is now non-existent. Your team will benefit from staying hydrated, having healthy snacks, and even just getting up to walk around. Friendships and team building is cultivated in the casual conversations in the break room, hallways, and downtime throughout the day.
  3. Company catered lunches.
    This doesn’t have to happen daily but once or twice a month, providing lunch to your employees can be a huge morale booster. Even if they don’t like the food, the effort put into it will not be lost on them.
  4. Personal days.
    Do you have certain teams that have worked long hours to complete a project? Why not offer them an afternoon off? Let them take off early on a Friday after lunch. Not only can they relax earlier in the day but they may be able to spend time with their families, and that will help to keep them grounded during the busy weeks.

Make sure you know your team before requesting they participate in any type of benefit you design for them. They may not respond well and it will be seen as a negative aspect of work rather than as the positive action you intended. As a manager or business owner, you have the ability to improve the lives of your staff, without dipping too far into the company budget. Taking the time to demonstrate your appreciation will go far with your staff.

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Key Facts of The Affordable Care Act

December 27th, 2013

Due to the nature of this politically charged government bill, it can be hard to determine what the truth is and what is propaganda put out there with an ulterior motive. In order to fully understand this new healthcare law and how it affects you, it is important to realize the facts of this new health care plan. You can then form an educated opinion about Obamacare and its impact on your life.

The Foundation
The Affordable Care Act, ACA, or Obamacare are all the same thing and it is part of the reform signed into action by President Obama in 2010 designed to provide quality, affordable healthcare for all Americans and reduce the growth in health care spending. The ACA has a goal to expand the private and public sectors of health insurance so more people can afford it without having to sacrifice on the quality of the program. Here are some quick facts about this new healthcare reform meant to educate and inform:

  • Obamacare does not replace private insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid
  • It regulates health insurance, not the care you will receive.
  • All insurers are required to cover those with pre-existing conditions.
  • Insurance companies can no longer drop you when you get sick or make an honest mistake on your applications.
  • The insurance companies can no longer hike up your rates and they must do away with life-time and annual limits.
  • There are ten essential health benefits that must be included on all non-grandfathered plans with no annual or lifetime dollar limits: outpatient care, emergency room care, hospitalization, maternity and newborn care, mental health and addiction treatment, prescription drugs, rehab services and devices, laboratory services, preventative and chronic disease treatment, pediatric services.
  • Immunizations, yearly checkups, counseling, and screenings are all included in the free preventative care that must be included on all non-grandfathered plans.
  • Most Americans will have to obtain healthcare coverage, get an exemption or pay a monthly fee/penalty if they do not have the appropriate insurance.
  • The ACA reduces the growth in healthcare spending that is currently the standard.

If you still have questions about this new healthcare law, you should search the internet or talk to a health care insurance professional to learn the facts. When you have the facts and knowledge about how the mandates will affect you, you can make educated decisions about your own healthcare or that of your company. From large corporations to the small corner business, the ACA has different requirements and unless you know what they are, you may feel overwhelmed and panicked. The staff at Pinnacle Workforce is here to help you with your concerns about the ACA and how it will affect your employment, your team, or even your ability to hire new team members.

Tips on Boosting Overall Workplace Morale

December 20th, 2013

Without a competent staff, your business would likely cease to exist. It’s no secret that a strong company starts with the leadership and how they inspire their teams but how do you do this in your everyday work habits? Your company may not have the funding to offer lavish parties, catered lunches, or even new computers but there are many ways to boost employee morale without overspending. The fact that you are reading this article speaks volumes about your good-heart and desire to improve the lives of those in your organization.

Here are 5 simple steps you can implement today and watch your employees respond in a positive way, without having to change the budget:

  1. Take time to celebrate accomplishments.
    Being acknowledged at work is one of the keys to boosting employee morale. When hard work is recognized such a new client gained or a successful pitch was made, your team should know how much it is appreciated. You can go for a big celebration or a quick email sent to the entire company will be sufficient for most people. No one wants to work hard and be ignored.
  2. Allow flexible scheduling for your team to attend family activities.
    There is nothing worse for families on your team to know they are missing out on a school play, first dance, or championship soccer game because they have to work. You know your team and they would work over the weekend or late into the night to make up the time and work, so why not let give them the flex-time to attend this once in a lifetime event for their family?
  3. Have fun.
    Yes, have fun at work. You don’t need to install game tables, lounge chairs, or a theater room but consider inviting a food truck to sit in the parking lot. Have employees dress up for the holiday of their choice. Create competitions for work incentives with prizes. Rent a popcorn machine to put in the office for a day. Give out candy from a local shop. Offer cookies or treats for no reason.
  4. Think of team building activities.
    Contrary to once popular belief ,your employees won’t enjoy a day at the local obstacle course, especially on the weekends when they’d rather be home. Team building doesn’t have to involve physical activity but can be something as easy as a food or toy drive, volunteering, or sales incentives, anything that involves working for a common goal.
  5. Lead by example and influence your staff.
    Staying positive during the day will inspire your team to do the same. If you walk around with a bad attitude and upset with every small problem, that negativity will permeate throughout the entire company. It starts at the top.

As a leader, you have the responsibility to ensure the staff at your facility has the tools they need to perform their jobs but you are also the key component to their morale. Without a positive work environment, your team will stop caring and your business will suffer. You care your staff and your business and improving their morale, you can be a strong leader for both.

The Benefit of Partnering with a Healthcare Specific Employment Organization

November 15th, 2013

Staffing companies are able to procure some of the best talent on the market today. Whether it is for trade jobs, management positions, technical contracts, or even healthcare facilities, employment agencies work to continuously produce results for their clients. Are some agencies more adept at finding certain types of candidates or are they all the same?

Specific Industry Related Experience
There is a big difference between candidates for a tech company and those for a hospital or medical facility. While both require specific training and skills, one candidate will be a stronger match for that position than another. An employment organization will be in greater demand if they specialize in a specific market such as tech or healthcare for the following reasons:

  1. The recruiters will know the right keywords to listen for in an interview to save time and money for the client. The can place the right candidate based on their own knowledge and their history of working in that field. When talking to a candidate in the beginning stages, an industry recruiter can gage right from the start if they know what they are talking about and actually have the abilities required.
  2. They will have a larger network from which to draw specific talent. In the healthcare field, they can pull the exact talent from their network such as a traveling nurse, pediatric office assistant, or a medical coder. Healthcare jobs require a unique skill set and when your agency finds candidates to match the skills, they can be placed within a new position. These healthcare professionals usually have friends and acquaintances in their network with similar skills that can be a referral at a later date.
  3. The agency will have an excessive screened candidate pool. Because healthcare is a crucial part of society, candidates can’t be just any person off the street, they must be thoroughly screened in order ensure they hold the skills, experience, and reliability demanded by the healthcare clients.

Choosing the Right Employment Organization
The right team member can make or break your facility. If you blindly find potential candidates, the results could ruin your team. Utilize the services of an employment agency that specializes in healthcare placement and get the talent you need, when you need it. Your facility will need replacements on a regular basis and the right staffing agency can give you the talent you need on short notice.

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