Three Tips for conducting Mid-year Reviews

June 27th, 2016

It is important to keep your staff in the loop regarding their performance and progress towards reaching any personal goals as well as those of your medical office. Giving employee reviews only on an annual basis isn’t sufficient for this purpose. Mid-year reviews provide another chance to give valuable feedback to ensure your team stays on the right track throughout the year.

Here are three tips for conducting mid-year reviews. Hopefully, they help your team meet or exceed your hopes for a top notch healthcare establishment. Let’s check them out.

Keep your Top Performers Engaged for the Entire Year

The shining stars in your office need to be constantly challenged to maintain their high-performance levels. When a mid-year review identifies someone who exceeded the goals you set for them, up the ante by giving them a variety of new stretch assignments to put them on a path to career advancement.

This helps keeps the employee in question properly engaged, so they won’t become bored and lose interest in their daily duties. When uninspired, they may look elsewhere for a more challenging position. This is a case where mid-year reviews help in employee retention.

Tailor Improvement Plans for any Problem Employees

On the other hand, mid-year performance reviews help to single out any staff members struggling to pull their weight in the office. This gives you a chance to develop a plan of action to get that employee on the right track before the end of the year. Try to set reachable goals for the next six months, so the worker gains confidence.

If you wait until an end of year review to help get workers back on track, it allows too much time for problems to fester, which may adversely impact employee morale in the office.

Use the Opportunity for a Meaningful Manager-Employee Conversation

Mid-year reviews provide a great opportunity to meet one-on-one with your entire staff. Encourage your employees to speak frankly about their own performance in addition to giving their opinions on the office as a whole. Make it a point to listen attentively to any new ideas to improve the efficiency of your operations.

In short, leverage the mid-year review to keep your medical office on a path towards continuous improvement.

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