Ask Yourself – Will You Ever Be Promoted?

July 5th, 2016

In any industry — the healthcare world is no exception — you can feel trapped in your current position. With no hope for promotion and raises few and far between, it is easy to lose inspiration and simply go through the motions each day. When working in a field where patient care is the overriding concern, empowering yourself to take charge of your career is a must for a variety of reasons.

You need to stay proactive to ensure steady career growth throughout your professional life. What follows are a few ideas to help keep you on the right path, whether with your current employer or possibly in a new position.

Educational Growth is a Must

When employed as a medical professional, your continuing education must be the main focus. This includes taking classes to keep up to speed with the latest healthcare technology innovations as well as possibly going back to school to earn an advanced degree related to your field. Additionally, make it a point to acquire as many relevant certifications as possible, since they add valuable heft to your résumé.

The best healthcare companies care about their employees’ career growth and professional development; offering tuition reimbursement and training programs aimed at achieving these goals. If your current employer doesn’t provide these benefits, consider looking for a new position with a medical company that does.

Search for a New Opportunity if Necessary for Career Growth

If you are stuck in your current position, it’s likely you need to look elsewhere for a better opportunity. It is important to prepare for the job search process. Keep your résumé updated and create a cover letter template and collection of potential references.

Partner with a Recruiter specializing in the Medical Industry

A partnership with a top notch recruiter familiar with the healthcare world offers you the best chance at steady career growth. They can help you put together a job search package, including your résumé, cover letter, and more. Interview preparation is another skill held by the top recruiters.

They also know the best companies currently looking for the hottest skills in the medical industry. In short, it is the smart call to keep your professional outlook on the upswing.

When searching for a great recruiter with whom to partner, look no further than Pinnacle Workforce. One of the top medical staffing agencies in the country, we can help take your career to its highest level to date. Speak with us at your earliest convenience.

Hiring a New Employee? Check Social Media

January 17th, 2014

In the past, an interview was based solely on what the person told you, what you could discover from their references, and their demeanor at the interview. As the hiring manager, it was easy to make a mistake based on the initial interview and a gut feeling but with the plethora of information now available online, it is easier to make an educated hiring decision. From social media pages to prior work experience, check leading social media platforms to find out pertinent information about the candidates you are interviewing.

Benefits of Social Media Profiles
The interview process will bring out the best in a candidate. They will show up polished, dressed in their best and ready to impress but it can be difficult to distinguish an act from the real deal. Using the internet can prove to be the right platform to find out the right kind of information. If you are like most people, you enjoy looking at others on social media platforms; it can give you a deeper understanding of who they are as people. Some of the major benefits of social media include:

  • Truth. You have a better chance of finding out the truth regarding a particular candidate. For example, they may have attended a certain college but didn’t graduate. Their social media page may clearly state this and you will know the exact information.
  • Motive. There are some candidates who will be interested in your company only to gain proprietary information. They may have friends at another company and plan to share some trade secrets with them, in spite of an employment agreement.
  • Motivation. Is this potential candidate motivated to work? Do you see a trend on their pages to laziness and a lax attitude or is there a good mix of fun and work? Every social media page will have some pictures and statements of the lighter side of life but there should be a balance.
  • Reputation. Social media pages tend to be a dumping ground for pictures, fights, and even the airing of grievances. Does this candidate seem to have a lot of drama on their pages? Are there embarrassing photos anywhere? If hired, this candidate will be part of the company and be part of the company front; would that be a positive or negative thing?

Not every candidate will have a full social media profile and they may only use the professional sites such as LinkedIn for the employment searches. It is wise to search for the candidate online in order to determine their impact on your organization. A strong social media presence isn’t always looking for the negative aspects as sometimes you may learn more about a candidate, creating a desire to hire them over the competition.

Have additional questions on how to properly screen candidates? Contact us today to learn about the advantages of partnering with us for your hiring needs.

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